Sunday, August 08, 2010


The view from the static caravan in Tenby. Know you are all jealous.

Back soon, IF I can drag myself away.

Keep calm and carry on xxx

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Betty is AWAY. She's deeply imbibing the bracing airs of Tenby during the daytime and sipping Creme De Menthe and reading secondhand Catherine Cookson paperbacks that smell of stale milk in the static caravan of an evening.

Therefore, another guest columnist is brought to the helm.

Alex Gerrard is the lovely, fragrant wife of charismatic Liverpool and England footballer Steven. The former nail technician (cf: Wikipedia) has a distinguished career as a newspaper columnist. Her opinions have been sought by think tanks and her no nonsense, brutal but forward thinking views on tackling world recession have become the basis of the current coalition government's policy.

Here is a unique insight into one of the great minds of our age. You lucky, lucky people.

"R. A.!! I rairly like them hareeeem pants in the shops, they're dead sound!! I saw a dead nice pair in Cricket the other day, they were what the fashionistas call "greige" or summat like that, and they 'ad all these pleats round the front and they were in this silky drapey material and they were dead high waisted an' all, and I was honestly gonna get 'em there and then but I 'ad second thoughts because I thought they might make me look like me nan goin' the bingo on Wednesday nights! What do you think???"

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