Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Unfortunately YouTube doesn't allow you to embed many videos on blogs anymore, so you will have to click on this link to see a mass protest about Liverpool FC that has "gorn viral" as they say on the internet.

I hope this will cheer you up or at least give you a couple of laughs during these dark, troubled times when we all face the prospect of joining soup queues, sleeping rough and doing voluntary work at the newly privatised sub-Post Office as part of the brave new dawn of Big Society.

My favourite bit in the video features Gizmo (formerly of Brookside) who has this to say about what has happened to his beloved football club:

"Mr 'icks - what you 'ave done to Liverpool Football Club is like if seven generations of yer family was in the livin' room and then there was a gas explosion an' they all died an' yer 'ouse was just rubble an' yer dog died too an' everyone else 'ad to evacuate the street for like months an' yer 'ad nowhere else ter live an' yer 'ad to live in a shed for the next year an' it was the coldest winter on record an' you 'ad to pay for all the funerals of yer rellies an' then you found out that you 'adn't kept up on the insurance payments an' it was your fault cos yer didn't get the boiler checked so yer was gonna be fined an' then someone burnt down the shed you was livin' in an' due to all the stress all yer teeth fell out an' you was covered from 'ead to toe in boils.

DO ONE Mr Hicks. DO ONE."

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