Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ah well, I think I'm done with *proper* writing this week - my meaty, lengthy and tedious post is here.

It's too hot outside. I'm off to recline on the bamboo sofa in the lean-to, blinds drawn and portable fan hopefully reviving me from feverish delirium as I enjoy a few chapters of Wife In The North's incredible tour-de-force (from the "Aga Saga" section in B/heath Library).

I will leave you with a video from The Beat Club, circa 1976, of Boney M performing Daddy Cool. As I said in reply to a comment from Spinsterella on the previous post, German TV seems to have the best seventies pop performances.

As per usual, the audience is completely indifferent to the Boneys, even during the *interesting* bit at around 2.37 minutes. Didn't at least one person in the front row say "eh oop Lieselotte, is that lass 'avin' a bit of a turn? 'appen she's got a gippy stomach. A bit of Indian Brandee should see 'er alreet".

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Monday, August 10, 2009


Tonight I'm honouring the fact that The Kremlin have been trying to break down the internet. Monday nite's dreamboat is gorge man-of-action Russian Prime Minister ( ... or "USSR Preeeemiere" if you are an American) Vladimir Putin!

The images of Vlad fishing, leaning against trees and straddling a big old hoss with his utterly masculine thighs, tiny nipples boyishly alert, are certainly very arresting.

Indeed, I've been thinking about Vladimir riding on horseback through a meadow in slow motion, accompanied by a soundtrack of this song ...

... for about half an hour every night. At the end of the fantasy I feel flushed, exhilarated and ready to fall into a deep, deep slumber.

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