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Ah well, I think I'm done with *proper* writing this week - my meaty, lengthy and tedious post is here.

It's too hot outside. I'm off to recline on the bamboo sofa in the lean-to, blinds drawn and portable fan hopefully reviving me from feverish delirium as I enjoy a few chapters of Wife In The North's incredible tour-de-force (from the "Aga Saga" section in B/heath Library).

I will leave you with a video from The Beat Club, circa 1976, of Boney M performing Daddy Cool. As I said in reply to a comment from Spinsterella on the previous post, German TV seems to have the best seventies pop performances.

As per usual, the audience is completely indifferent to the Boneys, even during the *interesting* bit at around 2.37 minutes. Didn't at least one person in the front row say "eh oop Lieselotte, is that lass 'avin' a bit of a turn? 'appen she's got a gippy stomach. A bit of Indian Brandee should see 'er alreet".

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Tough gig Germany, for the Belgians at any rate. No love lost - probably goes back to the war. The Nazis probably nicked their bikes or such like...

Excellent stuff Bettster - you won't be at all surprised to learn that that clip, with the possible exception of you linking to my new page and me finding out that *you* had a new page, has been the highliight of the day so far. Sad, isn't it?

Easily the best of the Boney M songs, 'Daddy Cool' will always remind me of the summer of '76 (or was it '77?), caravan holidaying on the Sussex coast, listening to Rick ("pee-ow") O'Shea and us losing the Ashes on the radio (why they didn't use a cricket pitch, I'll never know...) and finding out that Mama Cass had died...

(Or was it Ra-Ra-Rasputin....?.....Ma Baker....?? Brown Girl in the ring by the rivers of babylon...???)

Memories, eh?

Anyroad up, enjoy your lounging...

Tut....those girls totally stole their opening moves from Little Edie Beale.
I couldn't explain Mr Boney M in the 70s; I can't now. Is this as it should be?
Another question, this time for the Utility Room:bamboo furntiture - dusting or polishing?
How did men's trousers go from being skin-tight in the 70s to baggy-arse-falling-down loose today?

Please explain using charts, graphs and a timeline.
I like men in tight trousers and brogues... and white t-shirts. You're right it is too hot today.
I prefer 'Ra ra Rasaputin Russia's greatest love machine'.

Deserves a dissertation that one, or at least a nice cup of tea and a bit of a sit down.
Well, of course the audience was indifferent. They're waiting for the waitstaff to finish celebrating a patron's birthday and get back to serving drinks. But you should expect that kind of thing if you go to dinner at a theme restaurant.

That singer was hot, that's why she was making all those sounds. Too bad she didn't have any wood to sit on or a blowing fan to help relieve her of the heat.

Luv Boney M!
Morton - my summer of '76 was probably ruined by chronic hay fever as usual, but I remember the drought and one of the endless unpleasant holidays in Weston Super Mare, and there is pictorial evidence of me wearing some disgusting faded denim wedge sandals with hessian embroidery on the sides. Apart from that, it's all rather blurry. Must be because of the intense heat and Piriton tablets frying my brains.

Arabella - I think Frank Farian used Boney M in an attempt to subvert the music industry with songs about Belfast, Rasputin and Jesus. As for bamboo furniture, I would guess that I'd play safe and just dust rather than use polish which might ruin the finish. Mind you, I don't have any bamboo furniture. Probably put off by the bedside cabinet that my parents owned which was painted a nauseous lavender shade.

MJ - I can't be arsed to use charts, graphs or a timeline. I will merely say that people in the 1970's were considerably less wealthy and ate less. They also used to smoke. Because of the recession, tailors designed clothes which used less material and encouraged men to think that the skinny look was *in*. Nowadays, with so many affluent fat bastards waddling about in the streets, more material is required to cover their very ample arses. However, there's a recession now, so perhaps we'll see a return to skin tight slacks and male camel toe. Will that do, or do you want me to send it to you in a pdf?

Scarlet - it's known as the "summer of '76" effect. Sit in a darkened room and have a cup of iced tea.

Garfer - Rasputin is a very complicated song, very much along the lines of the great 19th century Russian novels. Then again, their stunning critique of the Northern Ireland "troubles" - Belfast - was banned by the BBC despite being completely incomprehensible.

Eroswings - yeah, I think I saw someone go past with the birthday cake with a sparkler in it. Bloody birthday parties! "too bad she didn't have any wood to sit on" - LOL!
For moi Brown Girl In Dee Ring is my favorite and Boney still has the bestus Christmas Album (i.e. most tolerable) ev-ver!

I think the dude went on to form Thin Lizzy
*dives out of the way :)
Donn - wot, no A Christmas Gift For You by Phil Spector? Actually, I think Phil Spector has probably been banned from Christmas now. Christmas is about *nice* things, after all. If the bloke from Boney M went on the be Phil Lynott, then it wasn't a very wise move on his part.
Annoying second comment:
When I read that you don't actually have any bamboo furniture I had to sit down (I use my laptop at a lectern). Anyone would thing you made stuff up.
The only thing to rid my ear of the Boney M worm? Merle Haggard.
Those photos of Putin are putin me off! I can't seem to erase them.

Now that I know how absof*ckinglutely ridiculous, pathetic, and needy, we middle aged men look out of our clothing, I am having second thoughts about posin' nekkid on a Bearskin rug for Cosmo.

Thanks a-lot!
Arabella - If I wasn't already sitting down myself I would have to sit down after finding out that you use your laptop at a lecturn. You live in a cathedral? Anyone would think you make stuff up!

Donn - Hah! You Canucks and your bearskin rugs! When I see pictures of Madonna showing off her jugs and her Auntie Mary in a latex leotard it almost makes me want to give up wearing a swimsuit when I do the weekly shopping. I say "almost" ...
Two gripes, Bets....

One - Money B's greatest song is Belfast, as any fule kno.

Two - If you're going to write a post entitled, "Silver Convention", you might have the decency to give a passing nod to Fly Robin Fly.
Oh dear gawd...

Boney M.

It's like a nightmare.
Hesspartacus - bleedin hell, it's like 2005 around here!

Piggy & Tazzy - bleedin' hell, it's like 2005 around here!
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