Thursday, March 10, 2011


A few months ago the channel Vintage TV debuted on satellite TV. This is the music channel aimed at the elderly, frail, bewildered viewer where footage of President Nasir stepping off a plane is soundtracked by Michael Holliday's Magic Moments.

Last week Vintage TV broadcast a programme called Rusty Egan's Vintage.

Rusty Egan: mover; shaker; hustler; entrepreneur; wide boy; visionary; the man who held court at all of the great parties of the late '70's and early '80's; a marvellous teller of anecdotes. How could I forget to record this show?

Luckily I've managed to unearth some outtakes from the programme about Rusty's Blitz Club associates and I share them here.

"The first time I encountered Steve Strange - or Rhys Gruffudd as he used to be known in them days when he was just a silly little kid up from Wales - he walked into my office wearing tangerine coloured velveteen breeches and 'anded me a demo of 'is music. I said to 'im "Clear orff ahht of it yer cheeky little bugger. Come back to me when yer old enough to wear long trahhsers!" He did exactly that five years later and I listened to his music again. This time he had a voice like smooth melting chocolate and I ended up collaborating wiv 'im on the top five hit parade hit Fade To Grey. We woz called Visage."

"The first time I encountered Spandau Ballet they walked into my office looking like summink orff The White Heather Club, wiv kilts and lacy shirts and all that. I wasn't fooled for a minute. Tony "Adley whipped a shooter aht of 'is sporran and slammed it dahhn on my desk. I said to 'im "Careful mate! That's top quality walnut!" but I was jokin' to 'ide me nerves. They was proper ruthless Cockney gangsters and I'm sorry but that's the way you done business with that sort in them days. Luckily I kept me 'ead abaht me and I earned their respect."

Well, with stories like that, I'd better make sure I watch Rusty Egan's Vintage when it's next aired!

There is a Rusty Egan site here and you can find out about Vintage TV here.

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