Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Unfortunately YouTube doesn't allow you to embed many videos on blogs anymore, so you will have to click on this link to see a mass protest about Liverpool FC that has "gorn viral" as they say on the internet.

I hope this will cheer you up or at least give you a couple of laughs during these dark, troubled times when we all face the prospect of joining soup queues, sleeping rough and doing voluntary work at the newly privatised sub-Post Office as part of the brave new dawn of Big Society.

My favourite bit in the video features Gizmo (formerly of Brookside) who has this to say about what has happened to his beloved football club:

"Mr 'icks - what you 'ave done to Liverpool Football Club is like if seven generations of yer family was in the livin' room and then there was a gas explosion an' they all died an' yer 'ouse was just rubble an' yer dog died too an' everyone else 'ad to evacuate the street for like months an' yer 'ad nowhere else ter live an' yer 'ad to live in a shed for the next year an' it was the coldest winter on record an' you 'ad to pay for all the funerals of yer rellies an' then you found out that you 'adn't kept up on the insurance payments an' it was your fault cos yer didn't get the boiler checked so yer was gonna be fined an' then someone burnt down the shed you was livin' in an' due to all the stress all yer teeth fell out an' you was covered from 'ead to toe in boils.

DO ONE Mr Hicks. DO ONE."

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I was particularly impressed by Mac out of them Bunnymen and his rape analogies. Not tasteless hyperbole at all.
I don't know who Mr Hicks is or why they are upset with him but I fancy the man at 26 seconds. Priorities...
Good lord, is that Paul McGann? He looks terrible!
Where is the renowned sense of jollity for which these northern fellows are so famous?

I got as far as what looked like Gerry without his Pacemaker and keeled over.
Of course Liverpool fans are more deserving of success than any other fans. And they haven't won anything for how long?

I'd love to see them go down WITH new owners but more realistically I'd like them never to get in the Champions League again.
Footman - I know. Years of booze and coke abuse (*allegedly*) leads to this. Just glad that Will Sergeant doesn't appear among this useless shower.

Arabella - no sighting of Karen Grant. Very disappointing.

Annie - not sure who that bloke is. Need to consult "The Complete Guide To Scousers" on Wikipedia. I think that is one of the other McGann brothers, unless Paul appears at some point and I blinked and missed him.

Rog - I should imagine that Gerry would keel over if he was without his Pacemaker these days. There is also someone who looks like Jimmy Tarbuck but isn't him on the video. Shameful.

Geoff - they should be forced to support Hednesford Town FC or Welling for five years. Humility is the saviour of the human spirit. Mind you, perhaps they could take up a time consuming hobby or do some voluntary work instead?
I have tried and tried to understand what is actually going on at Liverpool Football Club and have even read an article or two about it, yet I'm no clearer. The fact that it's more incomprehensible than the offside rule (which actually isn't that complex) reinforces my long-held opinion that football isn't worth bothering about. I'll be in the Sugar Hut with some wags if you need more searing insight.
I am thoroughly convinced, now more than ever, that Sports is simply a distraction device for the Powers That Be, to divert us from keeping an eye on their shenanigans.

It actually works. Look at how we revert to tribalistic clans and get all drunk & weird & violent aboot a game that has nothing to do with anything?

Imagine if alcohol and vuvuzelas were banned from all sporting events? Would anyone go?
As if Liverpool have some divine right to be successful. Try telling that to fans of Preston and Huddersfield. . . not to mention my lot.

That's Joe McGann.

And what did happen to Karen Grant?
encyclotedium - well done for bothering to make the effort to understand any of it. I didn't. The only certainty in football is that there has to be some sort of "scandal" going on in the game at any one time to fill up all that discussion time on Sky Sports News.

Donn - people get much more passionate about their football team than they do about any sort of social injustice. They continue to pay over the odds for season tickets but still bleat when chairmen/management/players let them down. If they're so concerned about the team's welfare, why not boycott matches?

Malc - too true for about ninety nine per cent of teams in any of the football leagues. Yeah, I really would be fascinated to find out what happened to Karen Grant ...
By the way, since finding out that Ricky Tomlinson donated £1 million to a charity that houses families of sick children, he obviously has a get out card despite being at the start of this video ...
C'mon, girl, pick up the pace now you've got the Christmas decorations up....!
Oh, I don't know about Christmas decorations. Visiting this place is like returning to a dank, cold and unfurnished flat.
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