Friday, March 20, 2009


Dad rocking dad Liam Gallagher has announced that he is going to start a clothes range, following in the footsteps of the likes of Puff PY PIE Diddy Daddy Doddy, Lily Allen and some other pop stars.

He has announced that he is "not into the skinny look.  That's what I'm here for, to get rid of them shoes that come at you like a snooker cue".

Liam may have a point, and may have tapped into the desires of the common man ... or woman.

Last weekend, I saw some pictures of Liam at the wedding reception of somebody or other.  The other guests included Sir Jimmy Savile, Bobby Davro, Frank Bruno and Sam Allardyce.  Liam was seen making a cross sign and giving the face off to a priest (I think he was having a laugh).  

Anyway, Liam was wearing what appeared to be fluffy leopard skin print moccasin slippers.

No spots on Our Kid

A couple of days later I saw some leopard skin moccasins in the women's shoe section at Primark.

A hotshot group of Primark movers and shakers must have had an emergency meeting at two o'clock on Monday morning to get their manufacturers to supply leopard skin moccasins FOR THE PEOPLE as soon as possible.  What Liam wears, the public wants.

All credit to them for getting the goods onto the shelves at lightning speed.

Presumably there are millions of women in South London who walk around with a rolling gait, feet at a ninety degree angle, ciggie between thumb and forefinger and a studied underbite, absolutely gagging at the thought of getting a four quid pair of mock leopard skin moccasins.

*nice one*

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Noel Gallagher was insightful when he said that Liam Gallagher was very funny for someone with absolutely no sense of humour.

Mad for it.
Our kid's growing his sideburns to compensate for his receding hair line.

Oop fer it with the slippers though. He's obviously going to live forever and anybody who criticises his flying ducks muriel is a fooking twat.

Respect and that,
I have a brand new leopard-skin pill-box hat.
Oh. Crikey, I haven't seen a pic of Liam in ages... Oh my God... He's like a mishmash of styles. Elvis/John Lennon/Showaddywaddy...
Annie - aah, but should we laugh at Liam or with him? Not that you'd laugh at him to his face of course.

Garfer - to be fair to him, at least he doesn't seem to be dyeing his hair, which tends to look wrong on men and which all male pop stars seem compelled to do when the grey kicks in. Who are they trying to fool?

MJ - are you wearing it to the party? I've got some leopard skin shoes actually (Bob Dylan hasn't written about them, yet).

Scarlet - he looks a bit like an Edwardian serial killer as well. I bet he can creep up behind his victims silently, wearing those slippers.
Liam is such a polished easy-going guy reknown for his touchy-feely warm vibe.

I should think that he will be wildly successful dealing with the general population.

What a sweet sensitive guy.
Donn - in the UK, we love warm, touchy-feely types. Liam, Gordon Ramsay, Katie Price, Simon Cowell ...
Is this the start of the Florrie Capp revival? I hope so because I'm all in favour of bringing slippers out onto the front step.
Arabella - I agree, even if they're not particularly practical wear when you step outside the front door and it's raining. Are those tartan slippers with the pompom front still in shops anywhere? My Auntie Molly used to wear those, even though she was under the age of ninety.
My mom wore those slippers. They were out of "the catalogue" so get Grattan hunting.
Arabella - I think they used to sell them in Trueform. Now that was a high class footwear shop. Is the Grattan catalogue still going? In fact, do people still buy stuff from catalogues?
I've already got mine!

Liam and Noel are increasingly resembling the embarrassing drunk uncles at a wedding. Noone's entirely sure why they've been invited, but they humour them as best as possible.
Del, as I'm increasingly resembling the embarrassing drunk aunties at a wedding I don't feel as if I'm in any position to judge the behaviour of the Gallaghers :(
is someone can tell me what brand are those Leopard mocs ?
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