Sunday, March 16, 2008


The Sport Relief weekend continues, and is set to carry on into the next decade.

Today, BBC1 featured Sport Relief Mile, a programme based on countrywide mile long fundraising runs.

The programme lasted for three and a half hours.

Even a centenarian one legged tortoise could complete a mile race in less than three and a half hours.

In fact, Pinta Island tortoise Lonesome George (the last survivor of his species, and estimated to be at least sixty years old) completed the mile today on one of the Galapagos Islands in a personal best time of 17:32 minutes.

George: fast off the marks

Later, BBC 1 continued with the interminable charideethon coverage in the form of Antique Roadshow Sport Relief Special (if you don't believe me, look it up in your TV guide). The highlight of this was Dishy Michael Aspel attempting to complete an It's A Knockout style obstacle course carrying a Victorian tureen in one hand and a Ming vase in the other, while balancing a miniature of a Turner seascape on his head. Commentary was provided by Stuart Hall and there were *hilarious* consequences.

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Hilarious consequences are my least favourite consequence.
Back later.

Must Google names of Brit personalities listed here first.
Poor George - can't they find him a mate of a closely related species?
Billy - whereas grave consequences are my favourite ones.

MJ - I wouldn't bother Googling them if I were you. Nobody else seems interested in this post!

Llewtrah - apparently attempts have been made to find him a mate from a similar species, but he wasn't having any of it. Too fussy I suppose - rather like those blokes who will only date blue eyed blondes.
Accidentally caught a few seconds of Antiques Roadshow. There was a bloke who had been outbid in a charity auction for Roger Bannister's Stopwatch by famous world record athlete Jeffrey Archer. He contacted Jeffrey afterwards to ask to merely see and handle it and the wily old world record athlete agreed to flog it on to him, presumably at reasonable return.
Murph - I think I'd agree to donate £100 to Sport Relief if I could punch Jeffrey Archer in the face! Thanks for the comment: is that tumbleweed I see rolling past?
i was too overcome by sorrow on behalf of the poor turtle to comment. 8runs off weeping*
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FN - George now lives by himself on his own paradise island with beefed up security. A bit like Howard Hughes then ...
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