Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Well, I've ridden out the Great Snow, despite the fact that everyone else has been snowblogging and now everyone is snowblogged out.  

I still haven't worked out what "London's idiot mayor" (thank you, Mike Skinner) was on about with his "It's the wrong kind of snow, but not necessarily in the right order.  Carry on!  You're all doing very well!"  quote.  Was he making a reference to The Morecambe And Wise Show and Are You Being Served?  Bloody fortysomethings and their deference to old comedy shows, Curly Wurlies, Spangles, wing collar shirts, Chicory Tip, etc.

I'm fed up of the endless *heartwarming* pictures on TV and in the papers of children on sledges or people falling on their arses walking down the steps outside Waterloo railway station.  Enough!

Still, it didn't deter me from building a thirty foot Wickerman snowman in the back garden, and I've sent the picture to the Bexley xTra website.  Go over there and have a look!

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I wonder if there's been any other news in the world since it started snowing...?
Well done for editing out the "erms" and "crikey" from Boris' speech.
I love that man. When I grow up I want to be as clueless and successful as he is. *nods*
You grumpy old woman (actually I don't know if you are old)!
But I do agree. I can't wait for the thaw, and the bastard weatherman has just forecast some more snow for tomorrow. Go Away NOW. I'm too old for all this sliding about and shit!
Boris takes charge and the city that survived the Blitz is brought to a halt by a few inches of snow.

That distant thump-thump-thump sound is Cameron banging his head on his desk.
That Boris, eh? Face it Betty, you bloody would, wouldn't you?
Don't you just love his hair!
Boris' mayoral bid - a publicity stunt that got seriously out of hand..
You and Geoff have started a Chicory Tip revival surge. You bastards.
As you didn't give a link to Bexley xTra - I presume that's the photo above.
(Dashes out to buy brown hair dye to cover up washed out blonde look.)
I was blissfully ignorant of Chicory Tip until Geoff threw them in my face.

Now I can't get that beat out of my head.
Scarlet - well, we've declared war with France, Margaret Thatcher has died and her daughter has been sacked by The One Show. Apart from that ...

Billy - I hope I haven't made him sound too intelligent! That would never do.

Fathorse - I'm equally clueless and scatterbrained but completely unsuccessful. Perhaps I should dye my hair white blonde and start riding a bicycle around Westminster.

Tom - well, I am old really. Not quite old enough to worry about heating bills or breaking my brittle bones falling over on the ice, so that's something to be grateful for, eh? The idea of snow is quite appealing until the reality sets in.

Malc - I expect nothing less from Boris. As for David Cameron, unfortunately he is forging ahead in the opinion polls, apparently :( I wish that both of them would stop appearing on TV, because they annoy me so much.

Lom - I've been told that he's a regular sight around Westminster, tearing along on his bike. I suppose you'd know it was him even from some distance away because of the hair.

Boz - ... which completely sums it up. Everything in the world seems to revolve around publicity stunts these days.

Rog - people need to feel the goodness of The Tip.

Kaz - it's impossible for anyone to look like Boris though, no matter how blonde their hair is. Thank God.

MJ - give in to the majesty of The Tip. Resistance is futile.
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