Thursday, February 12, 2009


In more LOCAL news, it's been announced that 2 million quids are going to be spent on a 50 foot statue of a white horse at Ebsfleet station.

A white horse, yesterday

Television news reports demonstrated what the horse would look like by showing us a small, scaled down version, just so we could all make cheap remarks about the small, scaled down version of Stone Henge that appeared on Spinal Tap.

I can only hazard a guess that the horse is a the modern equivalent of the chalk horses that you see on the sides of hills in Britain.

In a similar vein, it has been announced that a 90 foot statue of a man with an enormous hard on wielding a club will be *erected* on top of the dark, satanic cliffs overlooking Bluewater shopping centre ...

Look out missus, 'ere comes a big 'un

... and a 250 foot statue of Julian Cope (thankfully, without a hard on) will be overlooking Welling Railway Station.


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The horse is supposed to be the official coat-of-arms of Kent apparently.

The official slogan of Kent is "Invincta", Latin for "undefeated". The reason the Kentish were undefeated is because the Normans went to London via Sussex.

By their logic I could claim to be undefeated as I wasn't born.
Julian? that never is, is it? Heck!

I got all indignant at first. . . all "that's outrageous in these times" blah blah blah

But what the hell, a really big horse is just what Kent needs.
To me, White Horse = whiskey.
As long as its ears will be speakers with the theme from 'White Horses' belting out day and night it's OK by me.
I think we have enough giant erections down here as it is. But enough about Jeremy Clarkson..
I hope the horse isn't 'aroused'. That would be too embarrassing.
On the contrary, the statue should be a horse wielding a large erection. That way, everybody's happy.
I think they should cover a field with plastic grass and then fill it with life sized models of sheep.
Well, according to reality TV, everything is fake these days.
... and will the horse be A Horse of Kent or A Kentish Horse?
I know I struggle with 'art' but this horse lives me speechless, obviously not quite otherwise I wouldn't be able to leave this comment.
oh how im biting my lip here wanting to make the obvious, racist and low double entendre about black horses and five legs....luckily for you a sense of personal modesty prevents me from

oh never mind.
Billy - it's a good job that someone who is intelligent and has bothered to research stuff has dropped by. The Normans probably missed Kent because it isn't well signposted.

Malc - that is indeed Julian, looking less unhinged than normal.

MJ - to me, Blue Nun = wine. I am a sophisticate.

Beth - as my dad never tired of telling me when I was a kid, White Horses was a SERBIAN TV show (well, half Serbian, but it was one of the few things that proved to me that his home country actually existed).

Boz - Clarkson's one wood that should be felled and sent to a timberyard.

Kaz - horses' erections used to terrify me when I was young because I assumed boys looked like that.

Istvanski - I wouldn't (see my reply to Kaz's comment).

Scarlet - that sounds as if it would make the landscape look like a Beatles' song.

Rosneath - or even a Horsish Kent?

Tom - there's not really much you can say about a giant white horse, which is why I published a pointless post about it.

FN - ... this is a family blog, after all.
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