Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So, an oil tanker has been hijacked by pirates and is anchored off the coast of Somalia.

There's currently a news blackout regarding the fact that the "pirates" are really DJs from an early 1990's pirate radio station who have fallen through a time hole and are broadcasting DREEMZ FM over the ship's tannoy.

F*ck knows what the hostages must think of the announcements being made, let alone the music ...

"Big shout goin' out to all massive and crew! Swinnerton massive - hold tight! Lee, Kelly and Claire and all Doxey massive - hold tight! Keep it locked!"

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Do you think they are makin' boxes?

Word verif: rediscul (almost ridiculous!)
Or is it a bizarre cosmic fusion of the Time Bandits and Radio Carolyn, Bettster? Little dinky blokes with beards saying things like " Alright matey" and telling atrocious jokes that rely on the kind of wordplay you'd expect to hear from a six year old.

Poor bastard hostages... still, Peely's on at 10...



p.s. gourd poncificatoon: ddydvdhmltn

You really couldn't make it up, couold you??
The 90s was a license to print money for all those neo-ragtime pianists eh? My fave will always be Marky Mark's Good Vibrations..
can you feel it baby?

Those uppity Somali Pirates (aka Skinnies in military lingo) need to be taught a bloody lesson.

Someone other than the US should set up a "dummy" tanker rigged with Nukes...or the UK could always just send Captain Jack Sparrow to work his zany madcap antics and rescue the tanker...
hilarity will ensue.
Blackbeardtastic, mate.
RoMo - could be. If they'd been on a trawler, they would've been doing the big fish, little fish dance.

Bob - I hope the Emperor Roscoe isn't involved. Muuuuusic - toooo much!!! I think the hostages would be suffering enough if that was the case - foisting the hippy, Perfumed Garden era Peel on them with his fey, whimsical voice would make them want to throw themselves overboard.

Wotzizface - the song on the YouTube clip used to be played about three times an hour on local pirate radio stations at one point. I used to listen to them because most music radio was dire (still is, except now I rarely listen to the radio at all. I think I've finally grown up). Are the Somali pirates going to bring about a worldwide halt in the distribution of oil, therefore meaning that there'll be an energy crisis of mid-1970's levels?

Istvanski - yeah, I mean, you don't really think of pirates being around in this day and age and still picture them having patches over their eyes, hooks for hands, bizarre, brightly coloured clothes ... mind you, I'm sure Michael Jackson has no involvement in the hijacking of the tanker ...
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