Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yesterday, I saw a man walk past with a ring tailed parakeet on his shoulder. I kept looking back at him and ... the parakeet was still there.

First the fish incident, now this.

Am I living through some sort of neo-psychedelic avian/sub aquatic nightmare?

Did you ever see a woman coming out of New York City with a frog in her hand?

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I once saw a woman walking a ferret on a lead down Mare Street in Hackney.

Could Marc have been any more camp?
Sadly, Marc died before he could bang my gong.
Just watch out for the scuba-diving pigeons in your bath!
Annie - someone who lived near us when I was in the Midlands tamed a fox and used to walk it as if it was a dog, which was pretty disturbing. Gawd bless Marc.

MJ - very inconsiderate of him. Mind you, he always looked as if he was so much in love with himself that he wouldn't have anything left to give you others, if you see what I mean.

IDV - actually, a bird landed on the other half this afternoon, so it might be a premonition of Alfred Hitchcock-like attacks to come. *shudder*
I did. I think it was Carla Bruni.
I will come back when things aren't quite so silly.
As long as there's no frogs in Manchester I can cope with fish and parrots.
That's not frogs like Arsene and Thierry of course Murph.
Now that you mention it, yes I have...

When I was thirteen I wanted to be Marc Bolan, and I dreamed that I met his ghost in the toilets of my local cinema. I have never tried to analyse this dream as I think it might destroy me. Feel free to have a go yourself, however.
Murph - the king of the pun, as ever.

Vicus - you could be in for a long wait.

Kaz - you wouldn't want a huge dead fish in your garden, believe me. If I found Thierry in my bath, on the other hand, I wouldn't complain.

Fathorse - ooh, I'm useless at dream analysis. Perhaps Marc's ghost really does frequent the toilets at your local cinema for very dubious reasons? Very rarely dream of famous people myself, apart from the dream I once blogged about where both Sean and Julian Lennon left very boring messages on my answerphone. I don't even have an answerphone.
I suppose Marc Bolan was quite camp - never really thought about it before. I rather sadly (ie: read pathetic) dreamed that I was Tour Manager for The Damned's European Tour last night. Hotel after hotel and lots of groupies to contend with and I think I shared a joint with the Captain at one point who was a bit unreliable and always making us late. Oh dear.
RoMo - that sounds pretty much how life on the road with The Damned would be I should imagine. Funny how, if you do dream of rock stars, they always end up being really mundane ...
i've always thought there was something of the visionary about marc. or maybe i just can't face the fact that it was gibberish.
Rivergirlie - not sure about the words. I think that song was deliberately gibberishish (gibberishy?). Mind you, I do think that when someone says that they don't like T Rex they obviously don't understand or like pop music.
A bird landed on Geoff?

You can't just throw away a remark like that and expect not to give details!

Who was she? Did she throw herself at him or just fall off something while he was passing? Was it someone you know? Is she still alive? Is he?
Ziggi - it was a sparrow, apparently still alive. Mind you, a lot of birds do throw themselves at him when they find out that he's Bexleyheath's premiere blogger. It's like being married to Tom Jones.
Whatever IT is Bolan had IT.

Seriously I could have pulled a better song out of my wazoo but there I am watching the whole bloody thing.

I still listen to the T Rex stuff all the time...
this one, not so much.
Donn - I kind of like that song because it's so silly. Mind you, I actually like a lot of his later singles - the ones that are supposed to be rubbish. Laser Love or Dreamy Lady for instance. Best of all, though, is joining in and singing with a stupid vibrato.
"Mind you, I actually like a lot of his later singles"

- Ditto. I really like "Light of Love"...
Kek - yeah, there does seem to be an unwritten law that you're supposed to dislike everything T Rex recorded after 1972.
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