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Television's Later With Joooooolllls Holland returned to television screens this week, kicking off a fifty seventh series of this tremendous live music on television series.

For f*cks sake: did any else see The Only Ones? Brilliant band in the late '70s. They now all look as if they are in their late 70's, at least.

The guitarist still plays that guitar bit in the once tremendous Another Girl, Another Planet impressively enough, but Peter Perrett now sings in the style of David Rappaport trying to morph into Albert Steptoe trying to morph into Harold Steptoe. He wears horse dentures and looks like Albert Steptoe trying to morph into Keith Richard trying to morph into Peter Perrett.

He has survived a long standing drug *problem* but is the ultimate demonstration of why it's probably not a good idea to have a *problem* with drugs in the first place.

Jooolllls attempts to interview Woman Of The Moment, Adele, who advises us that, if the music career doesn't work out, she will "train to be a journalist so I can interview journalists or summink".

In the background, Lenny Henry drools. Apparently, he had been deep in conversation with Adele earlier.

"Yeah, Adele's a fit piece" said Lenny, 53. "We're more than just mates, y'know? She reminds me of Dawn when she was younger - really fun loving and a hefty lass. I like a bird with something you can grab hold of."

I'm going to listen to The Big Sleep by The Only Ones now.

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Another Girl Another Planet is quite wonderful. It's such a shame that those lovely punk fellas all had to go and grow old. It almost seems to be against the original manifesto. Just say no, kids.

That Lenny Henry bit has me feeling more than a little queasy.
honestly - drooling old men - have they NO idea how repellant they are?
Jools doesn't anyway.

Watching the live version of Later did seem to have a little more edge to it than the edited recording, and even Mr Holland didn't seem quite so annoying somehow.

I thought the Only Ones should have been warned not try it again and just live on as pixies in You Tube land. They've got one of the all time top 10 classic pop tunes ever which quivers with youthful exhuberence and energy and joie-de-vivre, and it was tragic to see them do a pale imitation on Later which was merely joie-de-still-be-vivre. Some things mature (James Taylor sounded as good as ever) and some things fester, and if you try the Blink 182 version of "Another Girl" it sounds even better than the author's original.

Estelle sounded spine-tinglingly fabulous when she did the song with just Jools, and even his worst enemies had to admit he can tinkle those ivories.

Still, what do I know?
So - no future for me and Lenny then.
i like that the chubby ginger girl is still proud of her mardis gras beads. pray to whatever god you own that she doesn't show up on a future 'Girls Gone Wild' showing us how she earned them, though....
Did Lenny Henry really say all that???
I'm shocked.
Del - I don't know what's prompted The Only Ones to re-form, because they didn't really sell many records when they were around in the late '70s. They can't be hoping to make much money from it, surely? Mind you, it seems that every band re-forms eventually - well, apart from The Clash of course. That would be a bit impractical, really.

Rivergirlie - apparently not. There's no fool like an old fool. Mind you, I sometimes take a fancy to blokes in their thirties, so I'm really the last person who should judge anyone ... disgusting, really, and I put it all down to hormones.

Murph - must admit that I didn't see the live half hour show, which is probably how I missed Jooolls tinkling the ivories with Estelle. She was the best thing on the show by several leagues, I thought, but in the usual tradition, I was pretty drunk by the time Later was on and a lot of it washed over me. A good job I didn't see The Only Ones while I was sober, as it would've been even more frightening. Another Girl, Another Planet is fucking brilliant though, but didn't even make the charts when it was released. When you consider how much rubbish by the likes of Razorlight or Coldplay sells by the bucketload today, it seems so unfair!

Kaz - the thing is, do you WANT there to be a future between you and Lenny? I thought your favourite Mr Henry was Thierry, anyway.

FN - the girl in the picture is Fiz Brown who's a character in Coronation Street. As Adele is chubby and ginger, whenever I hear one of her songs I immediately imagine Fiz singing it, which is quite disturbing. I don't think Fiz will run wild, but perhaps Adele will.

Istvanski - er, well, he may have said it off camera, but I may have used a bit of artistic license, shall we say. He was certainly sat in the audience behind Adele and she said they'd had a conversation earlier, so, er, I put two and two together and made five.
The Only Ones? Not them too. The Slits, The Lurkers, Slaughter and the Dogs. . . they're all reforming. Still, I suppose they've listened to the current music "scene" and realised two chimps with a synth have got a chance of a recording deal with some faceless bastard corporation.

Joe Strummer is spinning in his grave.
I mean, if the Kaiser Chiefs or The Editors is the best today's "yoof" can dredge up, then rock has had its chips.

Sorry, I'm not in a good mood. Bit stressed out about the pigs and so on.

Very disappointed in Len, but I suppose lechery comes to us all.
I've never heard anything the Only Ones have done except Another Girl, Another Planet.

But if that was the only decent thing they've done then it was all worth it.
Malc - it seems that every band will re-form eventually. I suppose the punks seem to be selling everyone short because at the time they kept moaning about how they were going to kick out the old guard. I dunno if The Kaiser Chiefs and Editors are really the best representation of current music. There have actually been quite a lot of good CD's out there this year already (Hercules & Love Affair being my recent favourite). "Bit stressed out about the pigs" sounds like the sort of thing that Neil from the Young Ones would've said. Are they hassling you about your stash, man?

Billy - their studio albums are pretty good too. I think I liked them so much because there was a bit of a prog/hippy crossover to their music, and they were one of the first post punk bands to get away from that thrashy stuff. I've probably got more of a liking for hippy music than I care to admit.
I thought that was Fiz, but then you started talking about Adele and I got confused. I thought perhaps Adele had chosen an unusual style icon 'or summink'. And, having said that, I know A LOT of girls who dress exactly like that, AND have ginger hair.

Also, has anyone seen the Premier Inn advert with Lenny Henry? Ohdearodearodear.
Fathorse - I assume you mean you know a lot of girls who dress like Fiz. Adele seems to have been wearing exactly the same clothes for the past year. Best to avoid getting down wind of her, then.

I don't recall seeing the Premier Inn advert, but it was reviewed in the Guardian Guide this weekend. Quite liked the bit where the writer says "how would you feel being married to Dawn French and still being the unfunny one in the household?" (see, I actually picked up a copy of the Guide just to get the quote. I really put the hours in, don't I?)
When, as a student, I dossed in a flat with Marconi apprentices, one of the inhabitants was an Only Ones fan. Ace stuff!
Llewtrah - God, I would've given an arm or leg to know one other person who was an Only Ones fan (well, not quite an arm or leg, but you know what I mean).
I think I can understand so the glut of Punks bands reforming, simply because so many contemporary acts have ripped them off and sold squillions. Whereas the only true punk bands who really sold anything at the time were the Pistols and the Clash.

It must be a bit galling when you reinvented the whole concept of the song and sold 7 records, and then 30 years later, Razorlight go multiplatinum with a crap faded photocopy of your sound.
Ah, but it's the nature of what's considered mainstream music. Thirty years ago, punk music was basically exiled away to John Peel's show. It's surprising any of those singles or albums actually got into the charts at all. I can remember DLT refusing to play a Public Image single on his chart rundown, even though it was a highest new entry (er, and this made him a sworn enemy as far as I was concerned. I was fifteen, after all). Razorlight seem to have a bit of American rock about their sound, don't they - a bit of Bruce Springsteen. Which means they're in a direct line from The Boomtown Rats. Now, if they reform I may have to shoot myself.
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