Saturday, March 15, 2008


Three aspects of the weekend's charidee marathon ...

On Radio One yesterday, Edith Bowman praised everyone who had "GOT OFF THEIR BACKSIDES TO DO SOMETHING FOR SPORT RELIEF". Fair warms the cockles of the heart. I hope Edith GOT OFF HER BACKSIDE TO DO SOMETHING FOR SPORT RELIEF even if she is up the duff.

From one of the West Ham United forums: "What's this rubbish Sport Relief? Alan Shearer grew a beard or something." "Alan Shearer grew a beard or something" sums up Sport Relief as well as anything, and is one of the best lines I've seen in print for some time.

Finally, this morning the Sport Relief fundraisers were out in force at the entrance of Sainsbury's. They were accompanied by a Sainsbury's employee chugging along on an exercise bike to This Old House by Shakin' Stevens. Unless this was BBC 3 filming a zany new sketch series.

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Do you think David Walliams shaved all his body hair off?
MJ - no, he tweezed all the hairs out in a fifteen day marathon of exquisite hair removal torture, and he applied twenty cans of talcum powed to get into the rubber suit.
I was actually in awe of the Walliams Channel Achievement but he looks a bit too blinking smug in your pic. Plus Wozza Thompson swam the Channel at 16 so it's obviously rubbish.
I did something *about* Sport Relief and changed channels. I didn't get off my backside though.
I'm still on a one woman campaign to ban pics of Wallyams and Evans.

But thanks for explaining what was going on at Sainsburys yesterday - I just assumed they'd got 2 execise bikes for the price of one or summat.
Murph - Walliams apparently threw up in the sea but carried on swimming nonetheless. I wonder if he'll get a knighthood?

Doris - that's the great thing about remote controls. No one need ever leave their sofa if they don't want to. A great way to avoid being fit and healthy.

Kaz - perhaps that was part of the campaign. Either that or they were forcing the least popular employees to cycle for a few hours as punishment.
"Alan Shearer grew a beard or something"

I wonder what the something was.
Billy - a beer gut? Ginger nasal hair? A nice pot of basil?
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