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It has been officially declared on this blog that The New Seekers are the greatest band of all time.

Originally formed by The Seekers' Roger Potger to appeal to Seekers' fans, but with a "rockier edge" (???  Eh?  Where?) they bestrode the early 1970's like a patchwork bellbottomed, feathery shoulder length haired ten legged collosus.  

We will never see their like again.

It's difficult to explain to young people nowadays, but in 1971 there was a generation gap the size of Cheddar Gorge, or Watford Gap, or summat.

People who were over forty used to say, controversially enough, that they "preferred The Old Seekers".  People who were under forty used to say "I prefer The New Seekers.  F*ck off back to your allotment grandad, you just don't understand".

My dad used to make a point of saying how ugly The N. Seeker's bass player (the dark haired bloke on the far right in the picture) was whenever they were on telly.

"He is so bloody ugly, they always stick him at the back of the stage and never point the camera at him.  He is the ugliest man in the world, apart from your mother's cousin, Paul B******y."

This was a a bit harsh, in my opinion.  Mind you, I used to fancy that Australian bloke myself, which rather went against form because the main dreamboat was supposed to be, er, dreamy teutonic Marty Kristian (second from right), whose solo picture was always the poster on the back page of Jackie magazine (as opposed to the centrefold which usually featured David Cassidy And His Appendix Scar).

My mother's cousin, Paul B******y became a legend in our house because of my dad's repeated references to him whenever The N. Seekers were on telly.

I got to meet him once.  He was a horse faced, Jacques Brel-like man, to be fair, but not the ugliest man I'd ever seen or ever would see.  This was a few years before the 1980's Tory cabinet formed, after all.

"So, did you see your mum's cousin, Paul B******y then?  He is a bloody ugly bugger, isn't he?" my dad said triumphantly when I got back home.

Anyway, shimmy on over to YouTube or eBay or your local junk shop and feel the autumnal sunburst magic of The New Seekers ... or the melancholy of The Old Seekers.  Keep the faith.

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And they said that satire was dead.
Jean Paul Satire died in 1980. But I know I'll never find another Judith Durham....
Vicus - I don't aim as high as satire on this blog. However, Wheeltappers And Shunters Club stand up comedy is a huge influence.

Murph - as Geoff pointed out to me, Judith had a shortlived affair with Roger Whittaker, which inspired the song I'm Gonna Leave Old Durham.
Ah, those were the days. When the boys in a band were prettier than the girls.
No wonder I grew up twisted.
oh dear, the hair. all that hair. they're like a row of clones all stood under the same huge wig.
*backs away slowly*
8 out of 10 even younger owners said their turntables preferred the New Improved Seekers.
Sorry, I've just popped over from a cat lover's blog.
It's a shame you don't get bands doing that these days.

I'd pay to see the New Razorlights.
Dive - "when the boys in the band were prettier than the girls". If you think it made you screwed up, imagine how it was for girls growing up then!

First Nations - worse still, they all have exactly the same hair today, as of this minute, but completely white.

Istvanski - The New Improved Seekers just can't improve on The New Unimproved Seekers. How about Old Mr Grace and Young Mr Grace from Are You Being Served though?

Billy - funny you should say that. I'd pay The Old Razorlights never to perform live or put out any recorded music ever again, or Johnny Borrell to leave the country!
That picture of David Cassidy and his appendix scar was just plain scary.

I wasn't a Jackie reader myself, I preferred Shoot.

I much preferred Val Doonican to either the Old or New Seekers. There was just something about those jumpers.
Garfer - I used to get the occasional copy of Shoot. Footballers weren't pin ups in the way they are today though, were they? Norman Hunter, Ralph Coates ... phwoar.

What about The New Val Doonican, with the motorised rocking chair? I heard a rumour that The Old Val isn't very well at the moment. I hope he's on the road to recovery.
Did they teach the world to sing?
Or have I got the wrong lot?
The bass player (Paul Layton) is the only one of the five without his own link on Wikipedia. Life can be bloody cruel.
I'm *still* a little bit in love with Marty Kristian...
That fella's not so ugly. Poor guy. Sarah Jessica Parker - now that's ugly.
Kaz - they certainly did attempt to teach the world to sing, and put their hands round a bottle of Coke or summat. The other lot informed us that the carnival is over.

Malc - I think he's the only one carrying the original band name on as well. At least he didn't die, like the Australian bloke who I had a thing for!

Rhino - he was pretty alluring , although I've no idea what he looks like now. Probably had a three foot frizzy beard and weighs thirty stone ...

Fathorse - ugliness comes from the inside anyway. Well, that's what I try to convince myself now I'm old.
Nice one.

I saw a tribute act playing at a Naturist camp once. The Nude Seekers.

Not really.

(I got a full 8-letter word verification for the privilege of posting that drivel.)
Maximus Bob - no, The Nude Seekers is good. You seem to be up to the challenge of commenting on the tree-related band post over at Murph's.
The AMerican Presidential Election has finally revived the Generation Gap. The collective narcissism of the Boomers and their egomaniacal efforts to stay centre stage is finally over.

Say goodbye to 'hope I die before I get old' and the notion that we could remain relevant forever. We Boomers were too groovy to let anyone younger have a turn at deciding what's what until our obvious sellout got us into this gigantic global mess.

The Gen X &Yers will prolly get the New NEW Seekers recycled for them before they finally start drive-thru euthanizing stations to get rid of us once and for all.
HE - I'm just about a baby boomer so I straddle the two divides. On the one hand, I'm an egomaniac who wants to take centre stage and on the other I'm a Gen X-er who can't be bothered to get up to switch the TV off. Pathetic, eh? Involuntary euthanasia sounds like the right option as far as I'm concerned.
Judith Durham, say no more....
My mum was one of those who thought the New Seekers were bad and the original Seekers were good. Seeing as I was into Queen anyway, I didn't really notice the generation gap.
Tom - I know men who think she is hot, and others who think she is a complete frump. Posh Spice doesn't get those reactions, does she?

Llewtrah - yeah, but what about Queen carrying on with that bloke out of Free singing? I bet that divided the Queen camp (as it were ... )
Is that Shirley Williams second right?

I'll never forgive her for what she did to the education system.
Molly - ooh, I dread to think of Shirley Williams having been in a band. With that gruff sounding voice, she would've been suited to being what used to be called a "blues belter". God preserve us.

Hope you're keeping well.
Oh hello. I was 'seeking' a 'new' wonderful posting.
Cat got your mouse?
Homey - absolutely. I'm all blogged out. I'm putting all my efforts into voting on the Which Decade Is Top For Pops? thingumijig at Troubled Diva. Plus, it's enough of a challenge keeping up with your ever changing identities. Any tips on keeping a youthful appearance?
A grateful pedant writes: it was Keith Potger, not Roger. (I was always a dreamy Marty Kristian man meself. And my dear departed Granny found great profundity in "All my life's a circle.")
... ah, "Roger" Potger. I had a bit of a senior moment there. A good job that most people only look at the picture or skim read for any rude words or innuendo then either comment on that or move on to the next RSS feed really.
The centuries-old problem of how to pleasingly fit five people onto an LP cover is SOLVED.
Too true, although perhaps they could've all stood under one enormous flicky blonde wig.
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