Sunday, May 06, 2007


Why I'm married to a genius.

He pointed out that Johnny Logan is the Gram Parsons of Eurovision.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday, people.

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I am also a genius.
Eurovision is the excrement of third rate tat.
But I hope that you enjoy watching it.
Well, I did happen to notice Geoff's name in that Observer booklet on 'Genius'.

Pete Docherty was in there too.
I kid you not.
Vicus - come on, it's time you unleashed your inner Eurovision love. I know you've been bitter for so long because dear old Cliff didn't win in 1968 or 1973, but it's time to let bygones be bygones.

Kaz - Geoff paid a lot of money to be mentioned in that booklet. As for Pete Doherty - just proves that it was compiled by some 23 year old fresh from a journalism course, probably called Dan or Olly. Mind you, I've seen Pete Doherty in all seriousness described as a poet by people old enough to know better.
Would that be the same Johnny Logan whose body was stolen by his roadie and immolated in the Mojave desert?
I don't know about that, Betty, but, at the risk of sounding a tad homophobic, I sure as Hell wouldn't bend over in front of him in a bus queue!
Ignore Vicus (he's not been well). Eurovision is one of the best night's entertainment on the planet, albeit for none of the reasons the producers intend.
Keep your powder and your pants dry,
I am so sorry that my belated return to the comment section of this mighty organ is going to be tinged with negativity, but the eurovision song contest.... did the 60s pass these people by!
I read an article (I didn't actually read it but I think the gist of it was) where Sandie Shaw reckoned that winning that competition with that oh so annoying, 'Puppet on a bloody string' was the biggest regret of her life.
Did you ever notice how Johnny Logan and the youngest Nolan sister were never observed in the same place together? Eh? Did you?
*Rips off skirt to reveal red lycra leotard*

Making your mind up!

You know, I never did make my mind up....I wish I'd bought that Scotch Egg instead of the Fray Bentos Pie.

You are both geniuses. Or is that geni?
Rub the bottle and find out chuck.
i had that exact same hair early in 1972. i did not, however, have the groovin' leather pants.

i feel ....incomplete.
I saw Johny Logan, on a visit with the Brownies to watch Jim'll Fix It being filmed. Fact.

It was all excitement in the 70s, I tell you.
Mark - that would be Gram. Johnny died "in mysterious circumstances" at a Travelodge near Orpington (well, everybody knows they put arsenic into those minature UHT milks you get with your complimentary Nescafe. Say no more). Anyway, under cover of darkness a couple of the staff drove his corpse to a bit of scrubland behind Ashford Designer Outlet where they cremated him. U2 released an album as an homage called A Couple Of Laurel Shrubs, Some Ivy And A Lot Of Rampant Bindweed.

I hope that has helped answer the question.

Reg - I think these days the producers tend to capitalise on all the things that are silly about Eurovision, whereas in the early days I'm sure that it was seen as An Attempt To Unite The Many Fine Peoples Of Europe Through The Gift Of Song. That's probably what Katie Boyle thought, anyway.

Tom - honestly, it's perfectly possible to like Jimi Hendrix, The Stones, The Floyd and The Beatles AND love Eurovision. Anyway, what was more camp than Hendrix on Lulu's show? "We're gonna quit playing this nonsense because we've just heard that the group The Cream has split the scene. Major bummer man." I thought that Sandie Shaw says she has come to terms with the Eurovision win over the years.

Arabella - the youngest one would've been Colleen, now a presenter on television's great Loose Women. I'll have to do a post about Loose Women some time.

The Simnel Cake Was All Eaten Very Quickly, Actually. Sorry, I Should've Left You A Slice - yeah, Scotch Egg is a far better choice than Fray Bentos pie, especially if the pie has bits of gristle in it. Yuck. On TOTP2 the other night I found out the real name of Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz. She's called Rita Crudington, which sounds like the name of someone from the 1940's. I dunno about genie - is it okay to rub a bottle of gin instead?

First Nations - yeah, I had that hair too. It was inflicted on everybody between 1972-1982 whether they liked it or not. They don't know they're born these days. Johnny is modelling the catalogue "new wave" look, hence the leather trews. He is almost as threatening as Billy Idol.

Annie - blimey, I'm jealous. I notice that someone on YouTube encountered him in real life and said he is "a really masculine man" who had probably been "fluffied up" by some stylists for Eurovision. Even more exciting in the flesh then!
I used to like him - and the song. Well, I used ot like laughing at him on Top Of The Pops. There - I've said it now. Do you think he's on munterspace?
I'm afraid I don't know who he is off the top of my worthless head but I think I'll stare at the picture and try to figure it out!
Our Johnny won the Eurovision not once but twice! We then had to make him leave the country as we couldn't afford to host the contest anymore as it was robbing the national broadcaster.

He is now doing McDonald commercials.
Rockmother - that song used to make my dad cry. There - I've said it now. Perhaps Johnny is on munterspace, as well as doing the McDonalds commercials (see Flirty Something's comment below).

Cheesemeister - I think he's one of those people who means nothing in America (he means next to nothing over here these days), so I wouldn't make the effort if I was you.

Flirty Something - yeah, I can remember someone telling me about the problems Ireland were having because of all the Eurovision wins. I think we've taken a leaf out of your book - I mean, look at the complaints connected with the cost of hosting the Olympics! Therefore, we keep entering awful songs by the likes of Gemini and Scooch to ensure we only get a handful of points.
According to Tel earlier today it doesn't matter how few points we get, four countries - Britain, France, Germany and somebody else, still pay for the bloody thing.
You're right he means nothing across the pond. He's NO David Cassidy, hell he ain't even Shaun!

Leather pants ew..you don't want to be pealing those off after a night at the disco.
HE - I wonder what Shaun Cassidy's doing these days? Did he end up having a Tragic Fall From Grace like Leif Garrett?

Yeah, the leather trousers hygiene issue. They really are disgusting.
I've never seen the attraction of leather trousers.
Billy - hmm, they looked alright on Elvis in his 1968 comeback TV show. Apart from that ...
I used to LOVE Leif Garrett. Did he end up drug-addled and bloated like the red-headed boy Danny from the Partridge Family? He turned into a crack-addled wife-beater at 13.
RoMo - Leif has certainly had a few personal problems since his, er, glory days - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leif_Garrett

Is there actually anyone who was a child star that didn't go off the rails in spectacular fashion?
Dare I say it - Chesney Hawkes?
... now working as a spot welder in Chipping Norton. He's a barely recognisable 29 stone. Well, I say "barely recognisable" but he's still got the distinctive mole on his face.
Back to the Atwood, front to the westerlies.
Betty dear - I hope you voted for Scooch!
Eurovosion is the greatest tallent competition on earth - by the way how the hell did Isreal become part of Europe ? Apparently Palestine want to join in too !
Boz - North Utsire, South Utsire.

Rockmother - you weren't allowed to vote for your own country. The house vote went to Georgia - dear old Scooch ended up second from bottom.

Hobbeschops - hello & welcome. Israel and Palestine in the contest would really heat things up. I don't think they'd vote for each other, would they? It's bad enough that Israel's song this year was called Push The Button!
happy mothers day!
well, it's mothers day here. whatever it is there doesn't count. hand out floggings until they wait on you!
FN - um, thank you. Even though Mother's Day over here is in March (you would've thought it would be syndicated around the world really). Oh, and I'm not the mother of anyone/anything to my knowledge.

Mind you, I'm in a celebratory mood because of some football match or other. Won't bother to explain it here: too boring.
nice post love reading it.
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