Saturday, April 21, 2007


So there I was, just before Easter, sat in the garden because the weather was unusually warm for April, with the legs of my jeans rolled up so I could give the varicose veins an airing, wearing the prescription sunglasses that really fuck up my eyes ...

I'm painting a lovely picture here for you, aren't I?

Any road, I finally finished Shaggy Blog Stories.

I didn't laugh out loud very much. Then again, I rarely laugh out loud at anything, and then usually only when I'm drunk.

An example of stuff that makes me laugh out loud:

Morecambe And Wise being driven to their new "home" by James Hunt.
The carwash scene from Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Beyond The Implode's review of The Heaven And Earth Show

Otherwise, I can report that there's some good writing in Shaggy Blog Stories, and very little that sets my teeth on edge. Well, I wasn't too keen on all the culinary posts, but that's probably because I can't cook and have a problem with food because I put weight on easily ... nothing personal, like, heh heh.

In Terrible Confession Mode, I have to admit to liking the My Boyfriend Is A Twat post about seeing Cliff Richard by accident. Will this get me drummed out of the Real Bloggers association? Ha ha, I'm not bothered anymore, what with being semi retired and all.

We were asked to nominate three SBS stories we liked that were from blogs that we normally wouldn't read or were on our blogroll, so I'm referring you to The H Factor (menstruation and the generally hideousness of the idea of reusable menstrual devices), The Big Side Order (pruning indoor plants) and Invading Holland (getting stuck in a lift).

I'd say all in all it's a pretty enjoyable read.

Otherwise, there seems to be a podcast with contributions from the writers in the offing. Fear not, dear reader, I won't be enhancing it with my Noddy Holder On Mogadon drone because vee don't haff the technology. You really have had a lucky escape there.

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semi-retirement? What do you mean, semi-retirement?

I can't bear it!
no, now dont you dare!!!!!
we just lost spinny! not you too!

oh, and hey-gimme a dingle at

i'm having lots of trouble convincing amazon uk that i am worthy of obtaining a copy of SBS. wtf??
Annie - semi-retirement as in doing less blogging, basically, rather than giving up. I've been blogging for three years and it's time to reclaim some of my life back.

First Nations - no, I'm not giving up completely, but I've been slowing down of late because I've reached blogging old age (three years and counting. The arthritis is starting to set in and dementia is just around the corner). Is the book available on Amazon?. I know you should be able to get it from lulu.com (click on the book in the top right hand corner to get directly to the SBS link). Meanwhile, Tim Footman's book is apparently due to arrive at ours at the end of April. April 2007 - I think ...
Billy - is that an impersonation of Brian Blessed?
ooh, that's me! i wrote that, etc.

thank you very much. you are very nice. And mooncups are not.

Yours, scarred for life.
H - that's okay. I don't really understand mooncups and don't want to encounter one under any circumstances. Yuk.

Btw, if there are any earthmother types who want to come on here to blather on about how I should save the planet by not using jam rags - well, you won't get very far. I'm not walking around with a biodegradable yoghurt pot stuffed up me lady's excuse me. Menstruation is horrible enough as it is.

Btw, apologies to any men reading.
No this is an impression of Brian Blessed:

Hmm, seems to miss something without the use of bold and huge print, doesn't it?
That last comment was from me by the way. This is what happens when the husband is off work *sick* and you go off to do some housework ... beware.
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