Thursday, March 22, 2007


Canine blogger Murph recently announced that Lol Creme of 10CC got his name because his cruel fellow band members thought his surname was so amusing they "Laughed out Loud".

As they used to say on the back of crisp packets - "well, fancy that!!!"

It's all starting to make sense now ... I've worked it out.

*ROFL HARRIS, the purveyor of wobble boards and swimming with young children in the early 1970's on television when you could still get away with that sort of thing without being arrested, was originally christened Reginald Harris, but was re-named when people saw his portrait of HRH The Queen!

*LMFAO Opik, Liberal Democrat *member* was originally christened Oliver Orville Alan Opik, but was re-named by colleagues when they found out about his relationship with the one on the left from The Cheeky Girls!!

Coming soon - the next weekly knitting pattern.

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Wasn't that Len Fairclough arrested for 'doing something' in a swimming pool in the seventies?

Re our Len: Yes, he claimed he was merely filling some cracks.

And if Lembit had taken both Cheeks of the Cheeky's he'd have looked a compleat arse!
LEMBIT = Laughing extremely manically because it's terrifying.
LMAO Tse Tung - China's chuckliest autocrat.

(I stole that joke off my brother).
You're forgetting the best Bond film Betty:


(Great theme - the instrumental one, isn't it|?)

L.U.V. on ya,

Sorry, I didn't realise Patroclus was here:


That ought to scare her off..

L.U.V. on ya,


p.s. wrod verficicatoin: lsenn - don't come to the house tonight..??
Istvanski - yes, but I think it was in the eighties - "Thumbs Up" Len Fairclough, that's what he came to be known as.

Murph - two puns in one comment. I feel honoured.

Geoff - isn't that what Ricky Gervais does in really life?

Patroclus - didn't he create The Little Red Book Of Jokes?

Bob - mess with Patroclus at your peril. Her martial arts skills are legendary. Having lost her arms in a Samurai related incident (as the avatar shows) she is now a a dab hand (sic) at foot-to-foot combat.
For some reason I'm excited about the knitting pattern, and I can't even knit.
As a huge 10cc fan that makes me want to Cry!
Is that THE Rolf (Tie me kangaroo down) Harris?

All of this texspeak is killing the Queen's English..the great whore who sucked in anything and everything that she fancied (the language not the Queen) and then enslaved them.
Now, just when Anglische is on the verge of being Cantonesed and Mandarinized..
we get texsquawk!

Auf Wiedersehen Germanic and Viking consonants, sweet, sweet consonants.
Au revoir Francais, de rien(les sob,les really big sob), Parlez-vous Chinois?

Sure it's funny 'til somebody loses a language!
Bily - you'll have to be quick off the mark with the weekly knitting pattern. I'm only keeping it online for an hour, for "copywright" reasons.

HE - I see what you did there with the 10CC thing. Geoff once saw a bloke waiting at an airport in the arrivals lounge with one of those signs which said "Kevin Godley". So now, when we get back from a holiday we always say "Kevin Godley" when we've walked through customs (erm, I know. It's just an in-joke).

I wonder if we'll all end up speaking the same language at some point? Will all of the vowels disappear? Je suis une rosbif.
When did they say that on crisp packets?
i WILL NOT submit to roffles or lemaos. and i only use those little facie things made out of punctuation if i'm desparate.

someone had to take a stand.
Tim - Walkers used to have a little insert on the back of their crisp bags in which there would be some *amazing* facts (who the world's tallest man was, how tall he was, that kind of thing) under the "Well, Fancy That!" banner. They did it for a number of years in the early-mid 1970's until they realised that it was actually a pointless waste of ink.

First Nations - thanks! No one over the age of thirty should say LOL or LMFAO. Well, IMHO ... oh dear.
When Mr BC and I alighted from the Finland-to-Estonia ferry in Tallinn last year, someone was waiting with a sign that said 'Bat People'. This has become our version of 'Kevin Godley'.

Maybe Bat People was a band formed by Kevin Godley after 10cc split up!

(I typed this with my prehensile foot.)
Bat People was an excellent 1940's film starring Simone Simon with an excellent sequel, Curse Of The Bat People (which didn't have much to do with the first film if I remember correctly). I've not seen the 1982 re-make starring Nastassja Kinski though.

(typed while standing on my head)
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