Friday, September 08, 2006


I've listened to about a six hundred podcasts recently! I'm mad, me!

The husband was right about that Istvanski bloke though.

"He looks like a cross between Captain Sensible and someone else", he said.

Not only that, on the podcast he SOUNDS like a cross between Captain Sensible and someone else! The Seeds, Megadeth and uhm, The Damned, feature, as does that unspeakable song about sitting on someone's face that I last heard in my mid teens. Memories light the corner of my mind.

RockabillyOyez!Billy played Ween, Pavement, My Bloody Valentine and some other guitar bands which I'm too old to know anything about. God, I'm old. He also does that speaking between the songs thing which sounds like David Coleman's commentary from the 1970 World Cup. Does he record that bit live by satellite from Mexico using a 1970 BBC technology microphone?

Bobertswipe continues to record about ten Swipecasts a week, loves Roxy Music and Atlantic soul records, and plays a lot of songs I remember from my sixth form years, including something by B A Robertson.


Still, keep it up, Bob, as it were.

Mike's most recent podcasts have a new, improved theme tune, and have included a tortured internal dialogue about Thom Yorke's recent single (odd that - Thom Yorke probably has lots of tortured internal dialogues and then inspires tortured internal dialogues among those who listen to his music ...). His is the only podcast where I've heard Cascada. He also professes a love for Atlantic soul music (hmm ... I see a pattern emerging ...). Top stuff.

Rockmother has some stories about Johnny "Guitar" Watson and his cream nylon suit, and has the good sense to play a Chic record. More disco music, you podcasters!

* * * * * * *

Meantime, I'm in the process of recording my first podcast, with a bit of help from my mate Charlie Blunt, in a makeshift studio situated in the potting shed at his sprawling, crumbling estate. Charlie is a bit of a ham radio fan on the quiet, and gave me some sterling broadcasting advice.

I would like to thank him for the loan of the stirring military band albums he kindly let me use during the broadcast.

Charlie wants me to let everyone (what - my readership?!) know that he is delighted with "heir apparent's choice of girlfriend".

"Decent East European filly, good to inject some foreign blood into Blunt stock. Otherwise family becomes rather inbred, what? Puts one in mind of glory days of Austro-Hungarian empire and Prussia, what? I wish he would give up that bally singing lark though" said Charlie.

Anyway, will let you know more at a later date.

Also bear in mind my new policy of charging forty quid to anyone who I link to on a blog post - I make reference to it in the comments here. Cheques/postal orders should be made payable to Betty Utility-Room and be sent to 12a The Business Park, The Roman Road, Erith.

Heh heh.

PS: My favourite links are Roxy Music and the singing lark. I only put Charlie Blunt in to plug my archive. Flogging a dead horse, more like.

I make myself laugh so much, I really do.

The cheque is in the post, Betty.

I can play some disco in the next podcast if you like. I do have a number of selections. :)
I love all of these Podcasts I really do. And I have found that I cannot get to work without putting one on and listening to them. They really do ease me into the day. I love them. Keep Podcasting my dear bloggers! Can't wait for yours!
Still a podcast virgin.
Billy - nice one. Why not do a rollerdisco podcast? Imagine the shopping squares around Britain congregated with young folk in satin shorts and legwarmers cutting some moves to Let's All Chant by the Michael Zager Band!

Sorry, I'm a bit "lightheaded".

Molly - here's me, still easing myself into the day with GMTV. I like the relentless moronic content, the completely personality free male co-presenters, the fact that the build up to the GMTV wedding of the year lasted for about six months ...

Sorry, I'm still a bit lightheaded.

There'll be a long wait until my first podcast. Bit of a cock up on the catering front old chap.

Richard - I think they'll all be giving it up in favour of videocasts in the near future. Then they'll all be able to dial themselves directly into your living room. I'm not looking forward to the last one at all.
Now that you've finally got around to listening to these podcasts, it's time for you to listen to all the newer ones that we've had released.

Wether I look anything like Sensible is open to debate. However, we both look like CPFC supporters, apparently...

Your link to the Damned goes to Megadeth...was that meant to be on purpose, Betty?
Tsk, tsk.

Thank you for your continued support. I'll send you your fee once I've made a profit.
Istvanski - you're right about the Damned. It wasn't a deliberate thing (I'm not that intelligent). Will go away to change it in a bit.

As for "all the newer (podcasts) we've released" - steady on! Your new one has only been put up today!
Looking forward to yours Betty. Will there be any Bodines?
There won't be any Bodines - ahem, I do have their album gathering dust in the loft though.

I don't have much of an excuse, even though it WAS the mid 1980's, possibly the most joyless time ever for pop music.

At least I don't have an album by The Loft gathering dust in the loft.

Gathering Dust - were they on 4AD records? Sounds like they should have been.

My first podcast will be due early in 2029, God willing.
Hi Bettster (as Swipe would say) - I had no idea you listened to my poohcasts as I like to refer to them. I will play more disco - I love it - and I will play it just for you.

PS: don't give your blog - pleaaaasseee?
Oh shit - I meant to say don't give up your blog - pleeeasseee. Sorry about that - I type too fast or my brain's too slow or something can't keep up somewhere which means I miss out much needed words!
Thanks anyway if you do play any disco. I wouldn't want to dictate what people put in their podcasts REALLY. I just happen to love disco music and never miss an opportunity to buy a five quid disco compilation when I should really be listening to the collected works of Bob Dylan.

Shouldn't worry about making yourself understood. Most of my posts are incomprehensible so you should be at home here.
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