Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The year: 1966. The place: Swinging London. The venue: a *gear* party in Kensington. Jim Dale flits among the *happening* party guests wearing a lavender paisley shirt and tie and black comedy sideburns. He is a Justin de Villeneuve type. The music soundtrack is Sexy Groovy Hammond Organ Vol 38.

Kenneth Connor is dressed like a 1920's film director. Bernard Bresslaw is wearing a flowery dress, a hat with feathers in, a curly wig and is carrying a hug tote bag. They are conversing.

Bernard (pointing at a young woman dancing in a white crocheted mini dress): "GORBLIMEY REG! LOOK AT THE KNOCKERS ON THAT DOLLY BIRD! I THINK I'LL ASK HER FOR THE NEXT DANCE!"

Kenneth, aka Reg, muttering angrily: "Sshhh, keep your voice daahhn! You'll give the game away! Do you want us to be booted ahht?"

Bernard: "Sorry Reg!"

Bernard (raising pitch of voice to womanish hysterical falsetto): "GORBLIMEY REG! LOOK AT THE KNOCKERS ON THAT DOLLY BIRD! I THINK I'LL ASK HER FOR THE NEXT DANCE!"

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By the way, if anyone related to Kenneth Connor or Bernard Bresslaw comes over here shouting the odds - I actually like them! It is possible to take the piss out of someone/something without having any malicious intent ... for my life ...
You missed out the wah-wah-waaaaah muted trombone bit. Which would probably coincide with Bernard's bloomers falling around his ankles.
Tim - I woke up before that happened. I wonder if it's still possible to buy bloomers on the high street (apart from the sort you get in bakers shops har har).
I just accidentally clicked on Des O'Connor and am now faced with PTS therapy for 6 months. That right eye nearly finished me off completely.

Dick a dum dum.
Speaking of "Carry on," AND speaking of therapy, I've been watching a collection of Carry On movies on DVD.

Voluntarily, I might add.
Carry On dreams: I wanted to be Fenella Fielding but always knew it would end with Esme Cannon.
Rog - good job I didn't post the full colour picture. The eye is luminous and swirls around. If you look at it for more than two seconds you faint.

MJ - They seem to have been on a loop on British TV for the past forty years. No need to buy DVDs!

Arabella - Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me.
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