Sunday, August 08, 2010


The view from the static caravan in Tenby. Know you are all jealous.

Back soon, IF I can drag myself away.

Keep calm and carry on xxx

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You seem to have created a lot of trash. How long have you been there? I hope this is not just the rejected drafts of your novel.
Bring us back a stick of rock.
Which one is you?
Vicus - the people in the next static caravan to ours eat a lot of take aways.

MJ - can't do that, but I can send you the remains of a chicken in plum sauce with egg fried rice from the rubbish outside the caravan if you want.

Tim Footman - I'm behind the camera being *enigmatic* as usual.
Bag up them there cans and sell 'em to the Gypos. There's tin in them their hills.
Oh it's lovely.
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