Saturday, January 02, 2010


Of course I don't really find time to explore the great diaspora of music these days because I have to clean, wash, cook, dust, iron, bleach, scrub, wipe, scrape, hammer, stab, twist the knife in, wail hysterically and do all of the other things that fall into the remit of being a dull washed out middle aged housewife. Still, I've just about found the time to stick some videos of my favourite songs of last year up on here because that's what I do, it's what every other blogger does and it's very annoying to people who don't like music.

(I have seen this woman's tampon string so many times in pictures this year that my menstrual cycle has started to synchronise with hers. Anyway, she's probably the best mainstream pop star since Adam Ant ("?") and this song seems to be trying to start a Belgian New Beat revival. Incredible video, gush gush)

... and finally, and best of all ...

Back to cleaning, scraping, Yogic flying, chimney sweeping and so on for me now.

All that remains is for me to wish you a very very very very happy *Holiday Weekend* before you head back to work and the possibility of future redundancy, bankruptcy, house re-possession and failing health.

Cast off thy raincoat and dance :(

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What holiday weekend?

I'm heading back to work TODAY!
I like that Empire of the Sun record.
'dull'? 'washed-up'? Surely not!

I'm all for making middle-age something youth can only aspire to and dream of being!

Youth truly is wasted on the young.
I can still pogo.

Better that than yer Dad down the disco wearing his Boxing Day jumper and grooving on down to Lady Gaga.

Seize the day, but don't forget to put the cat out, and always wear your marigolds.

Happy New Wotsits.
I like the GaGa video - ugly shoes and cat moves. Isn't it that thing...a good pop tune?
I always like your choice of choons (isn't that how the 'yoof' say it?) - Well, mostly, anyway. Can't say I care for that Day & Night stuff.
Still, it's got a good beat to pick the Christmas tree needles out of the carpet to.
Oh like dem is like well choons Bettsters. Can you tell I am down with the yoot? Happy New Year Betty. There is a shameful late 70's esque new podcast over at mine. Warning: Rockpile alert! xx
Lady Gaga got my attention with Just Dance. But it was Pokerface that made her my fave artist of 2009! She's got her own style and she's unique--definitely a standout.

That Day and Night song reminds me of Fedde le Grand.

Great song choices. As it is now Sunday, my laundry day, I also have much washing and ironing and folding to do.
Empire Of The Sun was easily my fave last year and I hope that they can keep the quirky going..love it!

I agree about GaGa..She is the undisputed Queen of Pop...and aboot bloody time...Pop is supposed to be fun and wacky.

More than anything you still need good tunes because your image/brand will only get you so far.
MJ - well, at least it proves that you're irreplaceable, or something like that.

Billy - same here, but I heard it in BHS, which makes me question my taste.

Laura - good health and taut skin are wasted on the young, but I prefer knowing what I know now. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

Garfer - I can't pogo any more because it's a hazard to me and to people in a five mile radius. I want to know where all these discos were that were full of middle aged blokes dancing to Lady GaGa. Could've done with a laugh.

Arabella - ah, the Alexander McQueen shoes. Does anyone actually were those in real life? I dread to think. It's a very good pop song, anyway.

Inexplicable - I'm still finding bits of glittery stuff in the fittings and still waiting for the husband to help put the decorations back in the loft.

RoMo - nothing wrong with a bit of Rockpile. Don't stop, do Pub Rock, as Debbie Harry once said. I've given up being down with the yooth dem. Ungrateful little buggers.

Eroswings - yeah, she's bought out a great run of singles in the course of a year. Almost unheard of among recent pop stars. Ha ha, I think I put a Fedde Le Grande track on one of my "best of the year" selections a couple of years ago. I obviously know what I like, don't I?

Donn/2 kHz - wonder if there's a new album due from Empire Of The Sun? May have to investigate The Sleepy Jackson otherwise ... GaGa is the first pop star for ages who looks freakish and exotic. Most of them look as if they're attending a job interview! Oh, and the songs are great, of course.
I like all those songs. Ergo, we belong together.
Interesting selection, Betty. Not convinced by 'Dominos' but really like 'Velvet' (much better video too), and I really don't like that Empire Of The Sun song - but then I wouldn't, thinking that MGMT are by and large a big pile of shite.

As for Lady Gaga, you're spot on about that video - it's quite something. But then why does the song itself have to sound like a Pink offcut? If it's exotic pop stars you're after, have you tried Bat For Lashes? Not as mainstream or conventionally poppy, perhaps, but her second album definitely has its moments. Brilliant live, too.
Lost Boy - if only life were that simple :(

Ben - only like a handful of songs by Gaga, but I'm interested in the fact that she's driven/eccentric/freakish but still has mainstream success. Bat For Lashes? A bit too tasteful and polite for my own preferences.
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