Friday, November 27, 2009


It looks as if Burslem light entertainer Robbie Williams is set to break a million hearts after news emerges that he has proposed to his long suffering girlfriend Elysian Fields.

The boggle eyed comic turn got down on one knee and asked for his bewildered woman's hand in marriage on Gem AM's 5.00 in the morning sports talk show Nick Hancock's Half Hour.

"A pint? That's almost an armful!"

It's a real turnaround in fortune for the 39 year old (Robbie that is - not Nick you daft ape). Only a year ago he looked like this -

"Pleeeze, interstellar policeman!"

and was living in a van in the Mojave Desert. Legend has it that he only slept for half an hour each night and spent the rest of the time looking for "flying saucers" in the sky through a toy telescope. He survived on a diet of raw lizards. Ugh!

However, twelve months down the line, he's a changed man, with the familiar cheeky boyish grin and mad staring eyes back in full effect. A residency at Queen's Theatre, Burslem through the summer saw him taking on the challenging role of his hero Norman Wisdom in a play called I Love Man. He received standing ovations every night. Sharp as a tack, it was clear that he had honed his comic skills and once more was a force to be reckoned with.

"Take my mother in law - please!!!"

Rumour has it that Robbie will be at the forefront of a new version of popular 1970's TV show The Comedians that's set to be one of the jewels in the crown of Dave TV's spring 2010 schedule.

Yep, things are on the up for Robbie. You can't keep a Stoke lad down!

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I thought he'd gone to live on the Isle of Man and become a big hit in Albania?

He seems to think Gary Barlow has forgiven him but I suspect not.
He certainly goes through lots of phases. Religion too lately if his latest hit 'Bodies' is anything to go by.

But for all that, I've never understood why he's a success. Middle of the road looks, a middle of the road voice and doesn't even write his own songs most of the time. Then again, one can say that of so many boy bands and soloists.
I'd comment, but I've been crying ever since Katie wobbled off. At least she ate the insects.

Respect, in a strange breast implant respecting kind of way.

She's like a Bombay Bad Boy Pot Noodle. Tasty, but you wouldn't.
Wait...he's still alive?

I mean, congratulations!

*Pssst...Ayda Field, Don't sign a pre nup!*
Thank you, darling. Those of us who do not read the popular press really upon your information to keep up with showbiz gossip. I know no for the first time who Robin Williams is, apart from being the child of Kenneth and Shirley, that is.
He's gay isn't he? I wish he would just come out and be done with it. Perhaps Elysian Fields is just a front for Alex Reid?
"Don't Larrff at Me I'm A Fueoooel" - he could get a Christmas number 1 with that.
Robbie Williams is gay? Bah, you'll be telling me Peter Andre's gay next.
Rog - behind the nice guy image, Gary Barlow is EVIL. There is DARKNESS behind those wonky eyes.

Laura - it's down to the fact that most people prefer light entertainment to anything vaguely interesting. Compared to most bland, run of the mill pop stars Robbie seems like a real "personality", a crazy one off. Things are that bad.

Garfer - I don't think anybody would, unless they were certifiable. Can't she be sent off into exile on a leaky dinghy in the middle of an ocean?

Eroswings - he's an old trooper. Rest assured, though, he won't be treading the boards because he gets stage fright. Be grateful for small mercies.
Vicus - I didn't know that Kenneth Williams 'ad it in 'im, as it were.

Rockmother - no, Alex Reid is actually sharing a love nest with Peter Andre. Robbie has been in a relationship with Stoke darts player Phil "The Power" Taylor for a number of years. One hundred and eighty!

Arabella - in an ideal world he would. Alas, the Christmas top ten will be comprised of X-Factor finalists. At least he'll be number one in Albania.

Billy - no one in the entertainment industry is gay. Robbie Williams is not a paranoid egomaniac. Katie Price is a devoted mother and all round good egg. Kerry Katona has never taken drugs, and is a devoted mother, wife and all round good egg ... and so on.
I agree with many of your commentors, Robbie is uber-duper-ghey and Elysian is a "beard" to hide behind..
it's really bloody pathetic innit?

I too have always been perplexed that he ever made it? He must have been a Music Industry "project"..you know, the Corporate Suits get together and create a home-grown act to counter-act the tsunamic influence of the offshore juggernauts like America, Iraqistan & Chad.
Nah. Robbie's just knocking one out over Jordan every now and then.
Merry Xmas to you and Geoff x
Happy Holidays,


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Betty and Geoff! I hope y'all spend the holiday season doing the things that make y'all laugh. Stay warm and safe.
Donn - Robbie seems to be the last remnant of the pre-1970's British light entertainment industry. Mind you, his most recent album seems to have sunk like a stone, so perhaps he will be extinct in a year or two. It's the end of an era.

Istvanski - is it possible for anyone to knock one out over Jordan? She's more likely to give you nightmares. A happy Christmas to you too (or what's left of the festive week, at any rate).

Eroswings - thanks! We seem to have spent most of the week cooking. Don't know if it makes us laugh but it creates too much washing up, this I do know.
Everybody luvs good food! I cheat though, when I have people over...I use lots of disposable plates!!! Less dish washing for me to do :)

Happy New Year, Betty & Geoff!!!


Cheers for a wonderful and fun New Year. Stay warm and cozy!
Oh, everyone may well love good food, but they tend not to like the food I cook, which is why I do it as little as possible ... except that I seem to have been dragged along by Geoff's enthusiasm for cooking which is regrettable. We've seen the error of our ways now though ...

Um, happy new year. Is it that time already?
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