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I've got far better things to do than blog these days, so instead here is a (rather late, but heartfelt) tribute to one of the great stars of the firmament by one of the great stars of the firmament. Known as Counte Edwarde Scissorhandes or Captain Sam Sparro or Dr Hillary Jones to you, he is top muddy booted actor Johnny Depp.

"Oi am 'aving a fag"

Hi, I'm here to say a few words about one of the great stars of the firmament - the irreplaceable Mollie Sugden.

A lot of people would be taken aback to think that I of all people would be a fan of the work of Mollie Sugden, but - whatever. Bitch was a unique and talented actress.

I followed her career from Liver Birds through to Come Back Mrs Noah.

Just love that trick she used of speaking in a pseudo Brit upper class accent, then reverting to an earthy, white trash accent! She wore that shit out, but - whatever! Ha ha!

She's probably best known for her role as Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served?, which to me is the epitome of the Brit sitcom. Seriously, I love that shit!

I mean, Mrs S. wasn't perhaps my favourite character in that show. I have to give serious love to Mr Grainger, he was such an old sweetie and he was with ENSA during WW2 for the Brit army, so respect to the dude!

Still, Mrs Slocombe had been an old battle axe during the Brit war herself. Apparently she met her husband in an air raid shelter, and, as the bombs dropped he fell on top of her and said "look out - here comes a big one!!!!" Ha ha! That shit still kills me. Mrs Slocombe was always talking about her pussy - I guess Mr Slocombe himself must have been pussy whipped in his time! Ha ha!

Seriously though, I've always loved Brit comedy more than anything. Are You Being Served?, Marty Feldman, anything featuring John Junkin, Growing Pains Of PC Penrose, Do Not Adjust Your Set, The Dick Emery Show - all that shit.

So I was pretty psyched when I got to work with the dudes from Fast Show.

"Does she GO, surr??"

I love that shit!!! "This week oi arve been mostly eating taramasalata!!!" Ha ha! "Does she loike it up the back surrr?" "Let's orrffroad!!!" "Oi've seen yer eatin' a bit of pickled gherkin with yer luncheon meat sandwich! Ow queer! Ow queer!!!"

Ha ha ha! That shit makes me lose my shit!!!! Ha ha ha!

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I'm Free!
I love that shit too..
John Junkin - now *there's* a class act!

He's triffic as Shake in A Hard Day's Night. "I can't help being taller than him..."

Is it jsut me, or was Trevor Bannister seriously going for the Tony Hancock, perpetually peeved persona, or what?

Have a grand weekend Bettster


p.s. wired missbrahmsification: ressaxi

Greek aperitif?
I'm licking the mud from his boots this very moment.
Don't ya just love these yanks who want to be Brit? I bet he likes *soccer* as well.
And Monty Python.
I'm suprised he didn't marry Wendy Richard instead of Vanessa Paradis.
I'm surprised he didn't go out with Lysette Anthony. She was in a shitcom.
When I think British comedy, I think of :

1. John Cleese (Monty Python, A Fish Called Wanda, Fawlty Towers)
2. Mr. Bean
3. Absolutely Fabulous

I bet a lot of fags wouldn't mind playing pirates with Johnny!
Scarlet - Hey! What a joy it is to be free and live by impulse! Seize the day! I love that shit!!

Morton - hey, John Junkin was a dude among dudes, he was like the fifth Beatle! I read in the Trevor Bannister Biography that he was/is a Hancock obsessive who has seen Blood Donor like thousands of times. Dude may be a little unhinged but ain't we all as artists! Ha ha!

MJ - that's the mud off of God's earth woman! I worked hard to muddy up those boots!

Kaz - hey, I've got to admit that I have a lot of respect for Brit culture and soccer. My favorite team is Crystal Palace - The Palace Of Dreams, ha ha! Wendy Richard looked hot in Newcomers but after that was a little old for my tastes.

Geoff - who is this Lysette Anthony bitch? I'm afraid that there are some blindspots in my knowledge of what you call Brit shitcoms. Is she like nubile and hot? Now that I could go for!! Ha ha!

Eroswings - that Mr Bean shit isn't so good. I guess the guy is a rip off of the supreme French master, Jacques Tati. My wife hates the Bean dude for that reason - I guess she thinks that he's put the French dude in the shade. Ha ha!
I had Bean & Tati at lunch time. It was shit.
Rog - bean and tati sounds like some Swiss vegan shit. I believe you live in Britain's Norfolkshire? I'm surprised to find out that there are bohemian hippy restaurants out there! Sounds like the kind of place I'd like to hang out at if I'm ever filming in Britain.
Love this shit.
Boz - this shit is the shit.
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