Saturday, June 06, 2009


Throwaway celebrity culture lookalikes ...

Annoying fake lesbian Kate "Oops, my clothes fell off" Perry ...

... and former Minister Of State For Europe/Labour Party *window dressing* Caroline Flint.

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You don't get this quality of soft porn on Twitter!
How annoying is Katy Perry?

And how awful and homophobic was her hit song?

So kissing a girl is wrong is it Katy?

What a comfort to the many professional lesbians out there for whom it is not so much a lifestyle choice, or treating another human being as a plaything, but who they are.
But how much more annoying is Caroline Flint? Actually she's privileged careerist scum like the rest of them.

While she was Housing Minister, (with responsibility for thousands of empty properties and thousands of homeless people) "she claimed £14,000 to pay for solicitors' fees and stamp duty on a new flat she had bought, while 'flipping' her designated first home to a house in her constituency. This enabled her to designate the new flat as her 'second home' and claim further expenses for its upkeep... (Wikipedia.)

Hate her.
That's a devil in a red dress.

And she had the nerve to accuse Pa Broon of 'window dressing' when he included females in the cabinet.

That kind of photo can have auld Presbyterian laddies frae bonny Kirkcaldy chain pipe smoking and checking their pacemakers.
Rog - if you saw the kind of sites that try to follow me on Twitter, you might change your mind.

Laura - spot on. Beth Ditto has made a few good points about her here - http://www.gigwise.com/news/51092/Beth-Ditto-'Katy-Perry-Is-Offensive-To-Gay-Culture'

Annie - horrible, self-serving woman. I hope she sinks into oblivion but somehow know that that won't happen.

Garfer - she seems like the sort of woman who will use "feminine wiles" to get her way and then, if she doesn't get ahead in her career blames everyone else while pretending to stand up for feminism. Hmm.
I've kissed a girl before now and you don't hear me banging on about it (erm apart from now)

The sheer annoyingness of the labour rebels almost make me feel sorry for Gordon Brown.
I once kissed an entire women's hockey team and a Member Of Parliament in one day, but you don't hear me banging on about it.

I actually do feel a bit sorry for Gordon Brown. Somebody shoot me ...
and they have no taste in shoes!
Ziggi - this is true. Oh, and Caroline's dress looks like the sort of thing you would find on the reduced rack on a stall in Dartford market, and it's probably really static and clingy and burns easily if you try to iron it.
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