Wednesday, January 14, 2009


... maybe I'll just do badly cobbled together obituaries this year.  No one will notice the difference anyway.

Patrick McGoohan has died at the age of eighty.

Here is the intro of The Prisoner. Best TV opening credits ever? Probably embodies what I would like to remember about the 1960's, but was too young to actually live through, ha ha. Plus, Patrick's general fitness and piercing eyes (*faints*) ...

I must admit that I didn't think that The Prisoner quite lived up to its reputation (er, maybe a repeated viewing is required. Saying that you're not mad about The Prisoner is inviting trouble, really). I did, however, like Patrick in Dangerman, although I haven't seen that for about 25 years.

Carrying on in a slapdash vein, here is I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape by The Times.

Will this do?

*slopes off to prepare supper, or high tea, or whatever the fuck you want to call it*

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Awww, I thought he was going to be one of those actors who live for ever.
They're dropping like flies.

I think you should write some premature obits so we can get our mourning done in advance.
If you're going to do one for me, my only request is that the phrase "utter cunt" features prominently. Not that you need reminding.
The Prisoner? Tosh.
Weirdly, Ed Ball in that video looks a little bit like Jim Caviezel, who'll be playing Number Six in The Prisoner remake (which will only serve to convince people how good the original was, IMHO).

Be seeing you!
Oh fine. And poor Ricardo Montalban gets bupkes from you.
Ed Balls was in that video?!!!

I thought our revered Minister was a Big Country Member.

(yes, we remember...)
"I think you should write some premature obits so we can get our mourning done in advance."

You can start with mine Bettster. I'm topping meself next week...

(Well, can't have you with nothing to write about, can we?)

"Tread sofly, for those are brand new nylons..."



drood mcgoohification: kiedle

in a kaystack?
Jane - problem is, there are too many famous people who I thought were going to live forever who have died recently. A sign that I'm getting too old myself no doubt.

Garfer - the problem with premature obits is that the still living can get very thin skinned about the "tributes" paid to them. Dead people can't fight back.

Vicus - rest assured, "utter cunt" is going to be used. Mind you, what phrases am I going to resort to when Thatcher finally meets her maker (if she ever bloody does)?

Tim - oh, a Prisoner re-make. Those American types can't rest until they've re-made every TV series in the history of the world. I'm not looking forward to the Hollywood interpretation of The Double Deckers.

MJ - heaven forbid that I should start doing obits for Hollywood actors rather than the likes of David Vine. People would think that I was trying to be popular (not that it would work, of course).

Mr Murph - another fascinating fact. A youthful David Miliband appears as an extra in one of the Village scenes in the video. However, John Prescott did not play the part of Rover the giant balloon.

Bob - I'm starting with my own obituary, because I plan to top myself tomorrow afternoon. Don't want to be outdone by another blogger if I can get more attention after all. Mind you, that could cause problems with regard to writing obituaries for anyone else afterwards though ...
RIP Patrick. We did this song at a gig in Portmerion ages ago.
Patrick was the ultimate utter c-word in Rob Roy!
no wait, I hated Tim Roth more but Liam did get to kill him.

When I was a kid I had nightmares about being chased by that giant beach-ball...
which was really lame when you think about it...

about as scary as the killer rabbit of Caerbannog!

"what's it gonna do?
Squish y'er bum?

Istvanski - I've been to Portmeirion twice. The first time it was in the middle of summer and there was torrential rain and force nine gales. You never saw anything like that in The Prisoner, did you?

Donn - I didn't get around to seeing The Prisoner until I was about twenty, which is probably a good thing. Mind you, as I get older the idea of being chased around by a giant balloon is starting to become scary again.
And I never saw a giant spunk bubble chasing some poor git down the beach when I was there, that's for sure.
I'm always being chased by a giant spunk bubble when I'm in Welling High Street, unfortunately.
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