Friday, January 23, 2009


The scales have fallen from my eyes.

For the last couple of years, I've been under the impression that Barack Obama is in his late thirties.

On the day of his inauguration, I found out that he is in fact forty seven.

How could I have made this mistake?  I know I live in my *own little world* but ... really ...

I should have known.

Barack Obama is a Bruce Springsteen fan.

A man who is forty seven would like Bruce Springsteen.  

A man in his late thirties, however, would think that Morrissey's new album is a real return to form, from what they've heard of it.

A man who is thirty would be looking forward to Blur's reunion, and they were first in line to get the tickets to see them at Hyde Park.

A man who is fifty five would buy the most recent Neil Young album six months after it came out, inspired by the review in Uncut that says "all in all, not a classic, but a real statement of intent from the grizzled old buzzard."

Anyway, I'm relieved to find out that Barack Obama is older than me.  It still lets me cling on to the last vestiges of hope that I'm not actually a grown up.

As I said over at Boz's's's', if the next Pope is younger than me, then I will be very sad indeed.

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Canadians were shocked to discover there are no Canadian tunes on Obama’s playlist and have been asked to select the top 49 songs from north of the 49th parallel to help define Canada to the President.

Let’s hope this doesn’t mean Celine Dion.

Story here.
I'm a springsteen fan. But then, I am a freak...

I also own an excellent collection of hats, but I am behind.

I exits only to undermine other people's logic :)
Technically it is impossible to be older than the Pope because "it" is like 150 thousand years old.

Bein' a Southern Gentleman, now that I iz olda than the Presimadent, it means that it's time to stop puttin' my teeth in every mornin', time to hike my pants up about 8 inches above my waistline, start rockin' on the front porch, and commence complainin' 'bout the damn gov'ment fulltime...

Yessiree Bob!
MJ - nothing by The Band? Tut tut. I haven't bothered to check if Barack likes any British artists. Freddie And The Dreamers? Tommy Steele? The Hoosiers? Lulu?

Fathorse - well, I'm married to a Springsteen fan who, coincidentally, is a freak. But then, so am I. Hats make the world go round, the only disadvantage to wearing them being that they make my hair flat.

HE/Donn/Donnnnnn/Donn "E" Donne - isn't Neil Young like that already (although geographically from the wrong place? Neil Young cast as a minor character in a Tennesse Williams play, at any rate).
I'm struggling to work out whether you made up that Uncut review or whether its real.
Even George W's younger than me (a bit).
But I'm not a grown up yet so don't worry.
Murph - someone at Uncut has definitely described Neil Young as a "grizzled old buzzard" in the past, that's all I'm saying.

Kaz - George W. is very young at heart, isn't he? Well, he has a mental age of seven, so most adults are more grown up than he is (and most primary school children).
Boy George likes hats.

That's what happens to hat wearers. I'm having visions of him wearing a bowler in old chokey and coming out the Daddy.
I loved that hat - she looked great, she sang great - everything is great. (I think I have had too much coffee)
I revel in being old enough to be Kylie Minogue's younger sister, so she'd better not die or I'll kill her!
Isn't the Pope like judges... old, old, old.
Laura - this means you're a lot younger than me, so you should be grateful for that. I wouldn't mind nicking Kylie's much younger dreamy male model boyfriend, hem hem hem.

Billy - I used to work as a telephonist at a court and judges really do live up to the absent minded old duffer reputation. Don't know if the Pope is like that.
Garfer - we'd probably be able to hide his stash of cocaine under a hat. He wears hats to cover up his baldness, and make up to hide his double chin, which is why it was such a shock to see the haggard middle aged bloke without either in the recent pictures.

RoMo - apparently there's huge demand for that hat. I expect to see a copy in Primark by the end of the week. I've not had enough caffeine.
Is Aretha gonna be the next Pope? I'd vote for that.

Whaddaya mean I'm not allowed to?
Spin - I don't think that nationality is a bar in choosing a Pope, but the fact that she's a woman could be a problem. The Catholic Church doesn't seem to like women, hem hem.
Aretha was just fantastic. That hat was more than enough for all of them.

And no, the Catholic Church doesn't like women at all, unless they're cleaning or cooking or doing some light admin or something.
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Sylvia - women seem to draw the short stick in most religions or religious groups though, don't they? Perhaps there are a few more forward thinkers though. For instance, maybe there's a Salvation Army band somewhere that features a woman playing the Tuba instead of a tambourine.
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