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So it seems that Joaquin Phoenix was not actually turning into a drink and drug addled train wreck after announcing his retirement from acting.  His dishevelled, beardy appearance, announcement of a new career as a rapper (?) and erratic behaviour in public were all an act - part of an "art project" if you will.

I wonder if Jim Morrison's "decline" into a bloated shadow of his former self started out as a similar art project that went horribly wrong?

There has been a lot of speculation about Jim's death, but, for some years now, I've known exactly what happened.

I found out the truth while watching a wonderful and long forgotten series called The Rock 'n' Roll Years.

It used to feature headlines from news stories in a particular year with news footage and a soundtrack of hits from that year.

The best bits were the incongruous ones (for instance, some film of Sir Anthony Eden walking to a Downing Street meeting about the Suez crisis accompanied by Perez Prado's mournful Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White ... well, I made that up, but you get the idea).

On the Rock 'n' Roll Years, they played The Doors' Riders On The Storm while the subtitles announced the following, very slowly, at the bottom of the screen:





... so that was it.  Jim Morrison actually died on a motoring holiday in North Wales!  Bloody hell.  Not surprising, is it?  Some of those hidden bends are really dangerous, and I've been on many a hazardous journey through Snowdonia where there appears to be a five hundred foot drop at the edge of the road.  What with Jim's capacity for booze and drugs, no wonder he ended up meeting his maker!

Should've stuck to a stay at a static caravan park in East Angular.  No steep declines there, Jim!

* * * * * * *

By the way, talking of five to one, one in five ... I've just found out that this is my five hundredth post.  I hereby give you my permission to get completely bladdered, because any excuse will do for most of you.                           

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I'm just glad that Marc Bolan died when he still looked good in eyeliner.
His last words were "Come on Baby, Light Mfanwy" I believe.
Congratulations Betty, on reaching your 500th post. Here's a good quiz question for you as a reward. Can you name any other rock stars who died aged 27?
Always enjoy reading your warped take on life Betts, roll on 1000.
hehe! That made me laugh loudly and goofily, and in a public space too...

I've never been able to take the whole jim morrison obsession as seriously as I should because of the Will Ferrel connection.
I've always believed that the reputation of these erstwhile rock heroes depends on one photo taken from a good angle in their prime.
We don't see the other images until they are dead or gone completely gaga like Joaquim.
After all - it's so hard being talented and beautiful.
I should know!
Ha Ha ha ha.......staggers off to get even more completely bladdered.
Congratulations! Well done :)

I was watching an interview with our local Rock Star Burton Cummings of the Guess Who.

He said that 6 hours after arriving in LA he made it to Mecca, the infamous Viper Club..out stumbled a wasted Morrison who asked Burt if he was going to THE party...
to which Burton said hell yeah and Morrison asked him to drive him there.

Anyway after the party they drove around while Jim pontificated on Philosophy..apparently he was quite knowledgeable about Art and History too.

I missed the Lizard King era but he was obviously caught up in something far larger than he had expected and the demands of fame proved too irresistable for his personality..like so many others in the biz.

OK I know how you deplore long comments so now I'll shut my gob and get bladdered.
MJ - don't you remember his coke bloated ego mad phase? He recovered from that, only to die in a car crash! Bit unlucky, really.

Rog - ... or Caernarfon Baby, Light My Fire!

Tom - thank you! The Twenty Seven Club? Janis Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain. Do I win some sort of prize?

Fathorse - have you seen Oliver Stone's Morrison biopic? That's quite funny, especially when the ghost of the native American dancer with the knife is mirroring Jim's moves on stage. Pretentious load of cack, but hilarious.

Kaz - thing is, these days the paparazzi take unflattering pictures of everybody in the spotlight and they always publish the ones of them looking drugged up, even if they're completely sober. It's possible to take a picture of anyone looking spaced out, but very boring to show pictures of people looking healthy. It's different for you and me though Kaz - the Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly of the internet as we are.

HE - I don't remember saying anything about long comments, unless they're long boring comments, which yours isn't. Anyway, I would think it would be distracting if someone was talking to you about philosophy, history and the arts while you were trying to negotiate a three point turn or get into a busy motorway from a slip road. I would've told him to put a sock in it! It's alright talking about that sort of stuff to the bloke from Rolling Stone, but not to someone who might have to do an emergency stop at any second. Er ... anyway, The Doors were great, but I think Jim Morrison's arsehole tendencies got the better of him in the end.

So consequently, his "Evening of Swing" had been cancelled. Shame Jim missed out on that one, it could've been the start of part two of a good career move.

Congrats on no. 500. Pass the bourbon.
Congrats on your 500th Bettster - I've cracked open a nice dry Armadillo (as my granny used to say - I think she meant Amontillado - oh how we laughed). Joaquin reckons he looks like a director like that - I don't suppose anyone has dared point out to him that he doesn't..he looks like a smelly soapdodger.
Congratulations on the big 5-0-0!

Shouldn't we be getting you bladdered after all you've done for us?
My whole life was an art project until I got sucked up by a Dyson Crevice attachment.
Happy 500th!
Istvanski - he could still be going now if he'd been more sensible, crooning to pensioners on a cabaret evening in Crockenhill. Thanks for the bourbon - I'm sure Jim wouldn't have passed it around. He would've kept it all to himself.

RoMo - thank you. I'm just uncorking a Pinochet Greg Proops now so it'll have time to breath. Ha ha, I saw someone say on a forum that they thought Joaquin looked as if he smelt of old soup and urine.

MJ - thanks. I don't need other people to get me bladdered. I always get there first myself.

Scarlet - thank you. My whole life seems to be like one of those rooms you walk past in the Tate Modern that are full of work benches, bits of tarpaulin and half empty tins of paint, and you're not sure whether it's an installation or a refurbishment.
Goodness me! I was born in Crockenhill, Kent...
Scarlet - I've heard that the village hall at Crockenhill is a den of iniquity for the over 70's.
I will make inquiries...
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