Monday, January 12, 2009


I seem to remember that David Vine's potted biography on the BBC site a few years ago told us that his interests included "relaxing and watching television". What a man!  Go over to watch the video clip at the top of the Guardian story.  Zen like wisdom or what?

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch (of "which one was Dee?" fame) were pioneers of world music. Come on, they were tons better than the Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver, weren't they?

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"relaxing and watching television"

He might as well have added "breathing on a regular basis" to that.
I bet David Vine did more coke than Frank Bough.
I thought Bill Werbeniuk was the "Face of Snooker".
Oh the hip-swiveling...
Two of the best! Apart from Dee signing Gary Numan of course.

Will this be a continuing series and will you be covering "Chris's"?
Thank goodness for your obits Betty.
It saves me a fortune on sending out the fan letters.
Wow that was fast?
Dave Dee died about an hour ago.

They are naked and they dance..
tres risque for it's day.
Billy - or "going to the bathroom".

Garfer - was he ever whipped as hard as Frank Bough though?

MJ - not in Britain, which is a shame. David Vine was also the face of ski-ing, would you bellieve.

Arabella - I like to encourage people to hip swivel. Well, unless they''re in need of a hip replacement, of course.

Murph - problem is, I'dl just have to wait until someone called Chris dies, I suppose. Don't fret, though, as another obit will be along in a minute!

Kaz - thank you. Do you want me to do yours when you eventually shuffle off this mortal coil (unless I kick the bucket first, of course)?

Donn - actually, he died last week! Is the news service in Canada extreeeemely slooooow then?
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