Thursday, December 18, 2008


It seems that, as I scan a weary, Christmas-fatigued eye over the *blogosphere* everyone is posting YouTube clips because it's the season to be jolly/informal/not make much of an effort/walk around with a permanent hangover.

... and I have been posting really long, reflective, soul searching, worthy, but tedious posts AND I bother to do a spellcheck after I've typed them! I'm really out of the loop. Where's my sense of fun?

Look, I attempted to do a short, suitably festive post involving a YouTube clip - and my efforts were thwarted!

I was trying to demonstrate in a pictorial/YouTube clip fashion a "celebrity lookalike". I wanted to show how much Brandon Flowers of The Killers looks like Captain Alberto Bertorelli from 'Allo, 'Allo.

It would have been hilarious. Trust me on this.

... but could I find a picture of either Brandon Flowers wearing his military-style feathered jacket or Captain Alberto Bertorelli from 'Allo 'Allo wearing his actual military feathered jacket? In fact, it's virtually impossible to find a picture of ANYONE wearing a military-style feathered jacket on Google Images!

All I can say is ... I TRIED. My endeavours came to nothing.

However, I promise to come up with some bumper fun seasonal posts which are the equivalent of those pictures you see on the front of festive crossword books - y'know, a photo of a wholesome blonde woman with nice tidy hair and a red lipsticked smile wearing a Santa hat.

In the mean time, here's perky Anthea Turner. She'll certainly cheer you up. Carry on having fun.

Carry on having fun.


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Are you somehow implying that a huge rat could easily be accomodated within her ginormous mouth?
I don't know who she is but I like her shag...
her hairdo..
(whew) I was afraid that I'd write I'd like to shag her...
which would be a terrible thing to mention at this time of year.

Nothing kills the pristine Chrismakwanzakkuh buzz like talking about chandelier-swingin' show-me-where-your-Mama-lives down N dirty SEX!!!!

Oh NO! Everything has to be about bloody virgins and YouTubian images of a heavily filtered Britney being cleansed and reborn in a powdery cascade of pure white virgin snow..((ack))
A thwarted Lookalikey opportunity is an inestimable loss of epic proportions not matched since Byzantium fell to the uncouth Ottoman hoards.

As W B Fields would have said.
Sorry - not really a comment, but Happy Christmas/Solstice etc (since I don't seem to be keeping up with blogs at present).

verif- comelie (who's she?)
Epic Fail Betty.

I found this jacket which has an arse on one shoulder. It's so ill defined you can't even see the edge.

I bet it would have been post of the week.
That Brandon Flowers chappie wouldn't, by any chance, be related to Herbie Flowers, madcap tuba player with 1970s classical supergroup, Sky (remember them?), would he?

Ah, thought not.
I went to school with someone whose surname was Flowers.

She was in a band that had a song that sounded exactly like Wonderwall by Oasis but they'd never heard it.

I've posted a YouTube clip today.

Oh the shame!
Donn - you're not British. You're lucky enough to have avoided Anthea Turner. Anyone who is in possession of their faculties and is British would not want to shag Anthea Turner. As for Britney - has she given up snorting all of that virgin snow up her conk? She really must be back on the road to recovery. I'm so happy. I suppose ...

Garfer - ... or even Leonard Sachs. "This time, chiefly ... YOURSELVES!" I'm going to do a post which mentions W.C. Fields soon (I don't know if this is a promise or a threat).

Llewtrah - ... and a happy Christmas to you too. I'm REALLY behind with blogs at the moment. It's embarrassing.

Murph - "Arse On Shoulder" - isn't that a Surrealist painting? Bono always has to stand on someone's shoulder or people further back than the third row can't see him. This should win Pictorial Post Of The Week, if such an award exists.

Chris - argg, don't remind me of Sky. The horribly square kids in my sixth form common room used to play them as a demonstration of the fact that classical music could rock out and be down with the kids. They were horrible.

Billy - will be over to have a listen. Mike Flowers, of course, did a version of Wonderwall with his Pops. So that's another Flowers. The world must be full of them.
As usual Betty you are a trendsetter.
I predict a fashion for blogging about what we would have blogged about if only we could have blogged about it.
Kaz - at this rate I'll be blogging about stuff that I could've blogged about if I could have been bothered to, except I decided to clean the oven instead, then I thought I might blog about that, but I decided that it wouldn't have made a very interesting post so I scrapped the idea. Or I could blog about how I've got blogger's block. It's very post modernist, don't y'know.
I could do a post based on all the ideas I have which are written down in a word doc and on assorted scraps of paper, not to mention the ones in my head.

Instead of dedicating a post to each idea, I could just list them and be done with it.
MJ - yes, but you have many more readers than me so you couldn't get away with doing that sort of thing. The way things are going with this blog, if I was to just stick a load of random words on here no one would notice, let alone comment :(
Betty, my readers only look at the pictures.

wv: prons

See what I mean?
I just realized how ridiculous my comment was because my blog IS mostly pictures!

But all my readers are pervs whereas you have decent folk who visit here.

With the exception of Vicus.
MJ - oh, all of the people who visit are *decent* in their own way. Problem is, a lot of the previous readers have stopped blogging and there have been no new visitors to replace them ... and I've got a bit apathetic about blogging and visiting other blogs ... and I'm not even able to get much access to the computer at weekends when I have time to think of ideas for posts or have time to comment because Geoff monopolizes it ... and the writing on here is getting worse ... moan, bloody moan.
This is clearly a picture of Anthea wearing a strap-on and shagging Grant Bovey. Good job we can't see below waist action.
Merry Xmas to you and Geoff!
Istvanski - I thought she was wearing a strap on and shagging Helen Worth from Coronation Street in that picture! Happy Xmas and New Year to you and yours as well Isterz.
Did you prefer Flowers to Seaman?
And yes, blogging is hard work I agree - my readership is down to low single figures, and I'm far too lazy to get out there and rebuild it.
Happy Xmas to you and Geoff
The only image worse than Helen Worth getting shagged is the scene a few Christmases ago of Dev giving it to Deirdre.
Tom, are you STILL going on about your low readership?

I'll fix THAT.

Visit me on Monday.

(yuk yuk yuk)

wv: maked
"Herbie Flowers, madcap tuba player with 1970s classical supergroup, Sky"

He also played some excellent bass guitar for (among others) David Bowie, Lou Reed, Scott Walker and... wait for it, wait for it...

er, Clive Dunn...


rind vascilification: cautis

I'm not surprised...
did she just upchuck that rat? or is she about to eat it? either way she looks like a lamprey poised to strike. assuming that lampreys do strike, like snakes, rather than just sidling up alongside random things and

well never mind.
Tom - flowers smell nicer than semen ... er ... sorry. I always have to bring the tone down, don't I? Anyway, have a happy Christmas yourself. Tom.

MJ - I have Gail when she's in lerve. All that giggling and coyness. Eurgh. Rumour has it that this year a drunken Blanche will seduce Tyrone Dobbs under the mistletoe. Yummy!

Bob - did Clive Dunn's musical career extend beyond Grandad, Grandad, Yer Luvverly then? Did he jump on the prog rock bandwagon, or bide his time until he was inspired to the return to basics attitude of pub rock?

FN - she is possessed by the devil, believe me. It's a good job that I chose not to publish the full length version of that picture. Everyone would have had nightmares.
I think Grandad was the only song he played on (perhaps the b-side too?)

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas me deario


crude fuzziwuzzification: partbri

Perhaps, but I'll bet it's the best part
Merry Christmas x
Happy Christmas Bettster. I'll raise a glass of Advocat and have a cheese football for you and Geoff. x
Bob - ... and a happy Christmas to you and Clive Dunn.

Bellulah - compliments of the season to you. Hope all is well in Bellulahland.

RoMo - a merry one to you too. Just the one cheese football?
Nice rat, but what's the dumb blonde doing in the background?

Merry Christmas Betty!
She can suck my dick .
always fancied slipping my dick between her gorgeous legs and into her love tunnel
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