Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's customary for me to produce a list of my favourite singles at this point of the year, which will at least guarantee that some people comment about the fact that they haven't heard any of them and couldn't fucking care less.

As I now don't listen to the radio, buy music papers or magazines and won't have anything to do with Last FM, I really haven't got a clue about what the right music to listen to is.  If anyone can recommend something (note: NOT the TV On The Radio album, which is overrated bollocks) then I'm all ears.

Sorry if this list is a bit too MOR.  I think I am turning into Edith "Grooove Armada are amaaazing" Bowman :(

Electric Feel - MGMT
From my favourite album of the year, because I love psyche-pop.  Aren't they supposed to be a really terrible live band and their success is all down to the record's producer?  Who cares?  

Blind - Hercules And Love Affair
I had a "eureka!" moment after hearing this for about the tenth time.  The album was bloody good too.  Warning for anyone about to watch the video: Jaime Winstone is in it.  Ugh.

Dancing In The Dark - The Proxy
As mentioned on a previous post ... which I can't find.

Black And Gold - Sam Sparro
Brilliant.  The album was a clunker.

I Lust U - Neon Neon
I luff you if the price is right!

Can't Stop Moving - Sonny J
I know this was out in 2007 and failed to be a hit TWICE.  I have the feeling that it is the sort of song that Radio One played so much that it ended up annoying people who would have otherwise bought it.  Still, it reminds me of my beloved Avalanches, who disappeared so long ago and are destined ne'er to return.  Boo hoo.

Gonna Be Mine - T2 feat. Addictive
The flop follow up to that song from last year which was accompanied by a video in which Anton Ferdinand made a brief appearance.  One of the singers worked on a fruit and veg stall.  I presume she's still working there, judging by the lack of chart success.  Life is unfair.

The Age Of The Understatement - Last Shadow Puppets
The NME's "Sexiest Man In Pop" (splutter) and his slightly taller Wirral clone.  The album seemed to be a battleground between their pigeon toed indie instincts and Scott Walker circa 1967, but I liked it.

Hearts On Fire - Cut Copy
Stylish song from stylish album.

Jumping All Over The World - Scooter
Few things gave me more pleasure this year than the tremendous video for this wonderful song.  I love the bit when the woman glares at the bloke dancing in Piccadilly Circus, presumably because she's on her lunch break and has had to queue up in Pret A Manger for bloody half an hour ... and the bit where Scooter are dancing at the end ... and the bit where the MC mentions England, Ireland and Scotland, but not Wales.  IF YOU ONLY WATCH ONE OF THESE YOUTUBE CLIPS, MAKE IT THIS ONE.  PLEEEEEASE.

Carry on screaming.  See you next year <3

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I *heart* Scooter. Sometimes I think they're the logical continuation of the KLF.



No "Vida La Vida" by Coldplay or "Human" by The Killers of "5 Years Time" by Noah & The Whale?

Is Mr Scooter the bloke out of Right Said Fred?

(I am still grooving to your previous Utah Saints tip)
Lurved the Scooter one - thanks Betty! Yes he does look a bit like 'Right Says Fred'. Crossed with Belois Somme

Happy New Year!

Good shouts with the Neon Neon and the Hercules etc.
I haven't heard any of them and couldn't fucking care less.
Did I get that right?
love and peace.
Vicus took my comment.

Serves me right for not getting here earlier.
My finger is firmly off the pulse of popular culture, and shall remain so.

I think St Winifred's School Choir singing 'Granddad' should be no 1 every Christmas.
How funny - I have recently earmarked a song for you on a (ahem) forthcoming (soon I promise) podcast. It's one from your list but I shan't spoil the surprise. Good list - there are a lot of my favourites on their too. Happy New Year Bettster x
Ugh - sorry - I wrote the wrong there!
Mike - I'm trying to base my life on their advice, but haven't got past the recommendation to "take a shower, every hour". My water bills have gone through the roof and my skin is dry, crinkly and flaking despite the constant application of E45 cream :(

Murph (Mr) - well, Coldplay aren't QUITE as bad as they used to be and Are We Human - Or Are We Trying To Write Lyrics In The Style Of A Flock Of Seagulls? is the best song by The Killers. Mr Scooter is too Aryan to be Richard Fairbrass out of The Freds.

Laura - and a happy new year to you (mind you, I said that on your blog ... tend to repeat everything a few times now I'm getting nearer to the menopause). Does Mr Belouis Some still look like himself, I wonder?

Billy - thanks! Glad at least one person appreciated it!

Vicus - thanks! The annual comment, as expected. Heartwarming to know that you can rely on some things in this chaotic world.

MJ - don't mind me. Just carry on drinking.
Garfer - or Clive Dunn singing Grandad, Grandad, Yer Luverleee.

RoMo - Oh, thanks for that! Happy new year to you and yours too.
I can't resist you when you say PLEASE Betty.
That was great - I'm going to do it while I still can - in the privacy of my own home of course.
Happy 2009.
Kaz - the things I get up to in my own home, with all the windows closed and the curtains drawn *rolls eyes*. Happy new year to you too.
I'm revising my mental picture of you after that last tune, Betty. Anyone who starts their lyrics with 'Uncore, hardcore' gets my attention.

Happy New Year my dear!
Ooh! Just popping back to say, I just realised that I saw Hercules this summer at a festival - very very relieved that I've heard of one of these bands. Phew! I'm not old and past it after all!
Annie - I'm about a hundred years older than you, so I'm definitely old and past it, but in denial of the fact, which is pathetic. Am in a state of panic thinking about what your mental picture is of me, and how it's been revised. Happy new year, anyway.
I adore your New Year Review because I have 4 ipods to feed and we desperately need material.

Sparro-a Darwinian Solipsist intro HELLO!
Sonny J-very 70sGo Team, luv it.
Cut Copy-yes..very good vid too
Scooter-we always need a novelty happy-up with people ditty that's also fun to drink to...and danceable!

Thank You
Oops forgot to mention that I totally dig Electric Feel and it was #2 Dotter's favorite tune of the entire year!!!
That sucka has legs.
I am liking the crap outta 'Black and Gold'!!!! I sended it to frenz and they likeded it too!
Betty, I actually know most of these! This is a vast improvement on last year where your list made me feel like a middle aged geography teacher.

And that MGMT song is one of my favourites of the year too.

I am far to scared to click the Scooter link, I'm assuming it's that Quo/some peroxide German saddo ...er, thing? (Is that what they are calling a 'mash-up'? Oh, I dunno.)

I saw that a while back and I've never been the same since...
I don't know any of the popular beat combos you mention Betty, but I'm sure all they're all very nice.

Have a happy 2009 listening to your beatbox


p.s. droog sanitification: hions

..come on you...?

Donn - thanks, glad you liked them. Not that I try to impose my tastes on anyone, hem hem. MGMT's songs have been turning up as the sountrack to fashion items on breakfast TV over here, which is a bit disturbing.

FN - yeah, it's a once in a lifetime song. Thing is, it's vastly superior to his album, which isn't very good. Still, being a one hit wonder isn't such a bad thing, is it?

Spin - that's because I am now a middle aged geography teacher! The Scooter song isn't the one with The Quo, but, put it this way, they know what they like and they stick to it. So, probably best to avoid the YouTube clip if you're of a nervous disposition.

Bob - beatbox? Sounds a bit modern to me. I always listen to platters on the radiogram. Loads up a dozen 78s at a time, which saves me having to put them on individually. Modern technology! What will they think of next? Word verification: cardiogram.
All excellent stuff. Genuinely. Last Shadow Puppets are a little too contrived for me. Try as I might, I just can't warm to the Arctic Monkeys or any of their side projects.

But Neon Neon, HALA, Cut Copy, Sonny J, MGMT and Sam Sparro all get a big whup whup from me.

But Scooter? I actually own a signed copy of their greatest hits. But I still despise them. I can't even engage them on an ironic level. Terrible. Sorry.
I can only take Scooter in small doses. Don't know if I really believe that you can like music in an "ironic" way. Perhaps it's because I'm just stupid and have awful taste!
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