Sunday, November 16, 2008


Realdoc has asked us all to post something positive or amusing to counteract the news about the credit crunch, Patroclus giving up blogging and the death of the great Reg Varney. RIP, you pinch faced little Londoner (er, Reg, that is, rather than Patroclus).

I am incapable of being positive or amusing at any time, but I've tried my best.

Here is a picture of the very invigorating Aidan Gillen. Grrr.

... and here is the late great Reg in more positive and amusing times. Try to remember him this way.

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If you ask me Blakey had far more charisma than Adrian Gillen, was much better looking, and was far superior in terms of talking the pants off the laydees with his silver tongued repartee.

As for Reg, I think he was the reason why so many people chose to emigrate during the golden 1970's. Stagflation had nowt to do with it.
You DO realize I'm finding out about the death of Reg Varney HERE? First?

*tries to decide whether to throw self in front of oncoming bus or watch my complete DVD collection of On the Buses with a stiff drink*
I might have to reinstate my old Olive avatar and wear a black armband for the coming week. Oawwww Arfur...naaaoooowww!
The picture of Aidan radiating positivity brings back the shock I got watching The Wire: Aidan Gillen IS Mayor Gavin Newsom!
I'm thinking of a remake of Queer as Folk starring Reg Varney, Bob Grant and Stephen Lewis.

"I 'ate you, Butler!"

"Shut your cake'ole, Blakey, and put this in it!"


etc etc etc

(The wv is falico, which is the sort of activity I've just alluded to, in Italian.)
Oh Betty - I do hope Aidan stays well now he's been in one of your famous obit posts.
I fell for him big time in 'Queer as Folk' which was filmed in the Manchester Village'.
I'd do falico with him any day.
I think you'll find that Falico were a poodle haired soft rock band from Holland.

Don't get too positive Betty or we'll think you've gone from Prosaic to Prozac.
Let them bring back On The Buses, starring Ken Livingston, Aiden Gillen (rowl) and Barbara Windsor (for some EastEnders 21st-century style cross-format bit of cross-promoting).

Ding ding.
I used to have an LP of Reg Varney playing the old Joanna.

...You think the credit crunch is painful....?

#53 is up with a toon on it just for you. Something to do the hoovering to - hope you like it...


p.s. wrood fervicification: brappera - no, really: BRAPPERA...
Garfer - it would be a close run thing between Blakey and Aidan if they were the only men left in the world and I was the only woman. I'd have to hook up with both of them, I just couldn't choose!

MJ - I keep finding out about celeb's deaths on other blogs before I hear about them on the TV news these days. I hope you're not in shock :(

RoMo - an era has come to an end. Mind you, he was in his nineties. There's a good review of the On The Buses films on Grantham Newtown.

Arabella - I'm not up on local American politics so I'll take your word for it. The Wire seems to feature quite a few British or Irish actors, doesn't it?

Tim - isn't falico a crisp cotton fabric? Would saveloys feature in this remake by any chance?

Kaz - oh, he was wonderful in Queer As Folk. Sizzling. Those viperish looks, the slightly effete voice. *goes off for a lie down"

Murph - Falico's singer used to yodel a lot. I promise not to post too much positive stuff. It takes too much effort.

Boz - unfortunately, Boris Johnson would have to sign up as well, what with his desire to re-introduce the Routemaster buses. Still, you can't have everything, can you?

Bob - Reg was a renaissance man. He was also the first person to use an ATM machine in Britain. Will give the podcast a listen, if I can wind up the internet to full power.
Woops. I meant to link to our Gavin. Mayor of San Francisco, known as The Hair.
I read somewhere that Dominic West (Wire) is going to play Oliver Cromwell in a new UK drama. Can it be true? Yummers as they say. Don't know who 'they' are. It might only be Billy.
Arabella - I've had a look at a few pictures of him. Not a hair out of place, eh? Must be an amazing grooming product that he uses. Oooh, Dominic West. Yummers indeed (as they say). I have to admit that one of the most appealing things about The Wire is the number of dishy men on the cast list ... apart from the fact that it's a stunning, Middlemarchian overview of Baltimore across the socio-political spectrum. Cough.
betty just wait till you see McNulty warts and all playing Cromwell ...can't wait
Realdoc - I'm sure Cromwell did have a few warts (I think he was one of the few figures who was in authority who insisted on having realistic/ugly portraits of himself. One of his few redeeming features it seems!). Anyway - yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing it. Still radiating positivity, see?
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