Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is well behind the times, but you can find out about the results of the greatest blogging project of the year here.  Sorry I'm a bit late with the info, but a few of the readers of this blog are mentioned (well ... probably ex readers what with my absence from these shores).

I'll hopefully get back into putting in the hours on this blog and commenting elsewhere soonish, once I've got all the washing up done.

The first person to work out what the dreadful punning title refers to will win a pair of size 14 (American size 3600) men's deck shoes from M & S that I foraged from a skip (don't let the vaguely salty aroma and toe stains put you off, there's plenty of wear left in them).

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It's Geoff who should be doing the washing up.

Have you learned nothing from me?
Your title: you're going to "shake a chicken in the middle of the room" like Brenda, and have a party? With a cat.

wv - "yzrcntip"
MJ - Geoff has been doing way too much washing up recently. Well, way too much for his liking, at any rate.

Arabella - no, nothing to do with Little Miss Dynamite. Marc Bolan was quite short too, though, which is a bit of a clue.
Were they a matching pair you found in a skip?

Does the title refer to Lol Creme, who came 12th in "Your 100 Most Irritating Names" on Channel 4 in what passes for entertainment round here?
Billy - two slightly salty smelling size fourteen deck shoes in the same skip? If they're not in a matching pair, then it's an amazing coincidence.

Murph - you're partly right. Did Agynessss Deyyn win the 100 Most Irritating Names thing then?
Marc is having a bad hair day in that photo. Better than having a crashing my mini into a tree and dying kind of day I suppose.
Marc looks like he is having his hair magnetically pulled to make more beard for Ringo.
Garfer - I would've thought that, with the kind of hair Marc has, there isn't a bad hair day option. You don't style curly hair, y'know, it's just ... there.

RoMo - I prefer your idea to the one that suggests that it's just a very windy day.
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