Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well, no one came up with the correct answer to the previous post's question about the terrible punning title.

It was a reference to the *zany* interjections between the musical bits in the film Born To Boogie ...

I'm sure that would've appeared on Auntie's Rock And Rolling Bloomers, if such a programme had existed at the time.

I saw Born To Boogie for the first time the other night while drunk, and it's one of the great live in concert films, even if the sound is obviously overdubbed. Marc Bolan bashing the guitar with a tambourine! The whimsical Liverpool bits courtesy of the otherwise wonderful Ringo (why are Liverpudlians whimsical?) over egg the pudding, but the live footage is tremendous. In about 1972, every girl I knew was absolutely obsessed with Marc Bolan. What's the modern equivalent of T Rex - McFly? ... or McFly featuring "the Sonia Jackson one" as Nick Grimshaw pointed out on telly yesterday. Well said, Nick!


The Sonia Jackson one from McFly

The nearest thing to a competition winner is The Dog, who said something about Lol Creme which was quite funny, so he's getting one of the deck shoes which will be winging its way to him in East Angular.

Actually, I might give the remaining deck shoe to the person who can answer the question "why are Liverpudlians so whimsical?" most convincingly ...

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Liverpudlians are whimsical because it blots out the reality of living in Liverpool. Cilla Black isn't whimsical, just irritating. As for Ken Dodd's Diddymen, they're just plain scary.

The first for letters of the word verification are GYRO. Now that is scary.
Is it just me or has the Scouse accent changed since the Beatles - as if the whole city watched Harry Enfield and said: "That's the way forward."?

Carla Lane's from Liverpool - enough said.
I keep meaning to count how many times "go'ed" is used in the film 'A Hard Days Night'.
Marc looks like Johhny Depp in that clip.
Or do I mean Jack Sparrow?
I thought "Ahmm Gonna Deck Shoes" is a traditional Liverpool call outside Yates's's's Wine Lodge on a Friday Night. After they've all finishes whining of course.
Garfer - maybe I should try to be whimsical to blot out the reality of living. Difficult to tell who's more scary - the Diddymen or Ken Dodd himself.

Arabella - then multiply that by a million million for the number of times it was used in Brookside (along with be'ave! or lekkie bill)

Malc - Carla Lane! A woman who bought a herd of cows and installed them in her back garden to "save them from slaughter". That's whimsy on a grand scale. If only she had offered to be slaughtered in their place, eh?

Kaz - yeah, I can see that now you come to mention it. Perhaps Johnny should play Marc in the biopic. He seems to like being a part time rocker.

Murph - boom boom. I don't think deck shoes would be the best choice of footwear for kicking someone's 'edd in though la'.
Cosh itsh the besht shitty in the werld.
It's hard to tell which of them is more stoned but I think that Ringo is beside himself because he finally found someone shorter.

My fave cinematic concerts from that era are Bangla Desh and The Last Waltz. It was a simpler time when Rock Gods didn't divulge all of their crap on Myspace..they still had a little mystery to them.

Just think, these guys actually got royalty cheques from record sales! These days Rock Stars can only obtain an income from touring or leasing songs to corporations to be whored out in TV commercials!
OMG....deck shoes
Del - ash they shay when they're shtaggerin' out of Yeate'sh Wine Lodge. Can I 'ave a pint of Whimshy?

Lord Tenniselbow - are you suggesting that Marc and Ringo were in an altered state? With their spotless reupations??? Just imagine if MySpace had existed in the 1960's or 70's. John Lennon would've been ranting away on there every five minutes!

Realdoc - OMG ... Realdoc is back!
"Just imagine if MySpace had existed in the 1960's or 70's."

Oh do a posting based on that.
"Lord Tenniselbow"...

I wish I'd thougt that name up.
MJ - do a post about MySpace existing in the 1960's or '70's? Sounds too much like hard work to me. Anything but a bit of light blogging exhausts me nowadays. Two minutes at the keyboard and I have to have a lie down on the chaise longue and a fanning down by my lovely assistant, Duane.
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