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Here it is - albeit belatedly - the final post by a blogger who attended the recent My Bloody Valentine gig at the Roundhouse.

Indeed, I've read so many reviews by bloggers about this gig that I feel that there must have been at least twenty thousand more people in the audience than there actually were.

It makes me feel good though - realising that I was, at last, PART OF A MOVEMENT. This was OUR BAND and it felt great to be stood in slightly too close proximity to my fellow bloggers.

Now I at least know which ones "don't need" to use a deodorant, and I have a vague idea of who they are.

I will be using this information for blackmailing purposes in future.

For thirty nine years we MBV fans have waited for our heroes' return. They returned ... and how.

At exactly 22:54 hours they took to the stage in a cloud of smoke and stark lighting.

Frontman Kevin Shields still looked eerily youthful, fey and pensive.

The rest of the band slouched around in black, as ever.

What followed was an evening of aural assault, feedback drenched inertia, corruscating what have you, distorted jiggery pokery, pain, sex, ecstasy, brutality, desire - everything that you could ever want from music, in other words.

This was JOY, in essence.

Time stood still.

My ears are still ringing, and whenever I think about the gig I get a warm tingle in my loins that spreads up my back and down my legs.

Here is the obligatory YouTube clip of the band, as everyone else has posted one:

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Vainglorious magpie Beatley bombast that went nowhere and nobody listens to any more.


Timeless genius.

Nuff said.
Can't beat the comments on the Winifred Atwell Clip:

therickerman123321 (3 months ago) proper music for a proper knees up

mamaweesa (4 months ago)
brings back great memories

nikemoto2511 (4 months ago) yes you captured the picture. downright creepy.

akiIkennycat (4 months ago) Sounds like Mike Tyson with his boxing gloves on.

hardonebye (5 months ago) Mostly because there are no persons who can play music this good today, all they want to do is scream unintelligent words into a mic at a level beyond belief and call it music.

Gramophones (5 months ago) Edith Piaf has a song on that music

dretety (5 months ago) This has brought back many memories...i nearly didn't play it but did..now im in tears!
Woohoo! Winnie Atwell!
Damn, that was funny, Betty!

I posted Only Shallow while you were away but I wish I'd found this instead.
Any more news on the rumours they're finishing the unfinished album?
I don't know much about MBV - I think I taped a song of theirs onto a cassette (!) from the radio in 1983 or something. I must go and investigate. Late to the party as ever....

(running of for three hours of exhaustive research ont' tinternet)
Rather reminded me of the Pot Black music.

Which makes me think - if MBV were augmented by a recording of Whispering Ted Lowe, his sonorous tones amplified so that they might be heard above the geetar noise, would that be enough to make the fans raise a smile?

"Oooh, Willie's kissing the brown there..." SKRAAANNNNNGGGGEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW "...and Graham Miles wonders what might have been..." WAAAUUUUUMMMMMOOOOOOOO

I read this post with an accompaniment of ringing guitar noise.
Garfer - not very prolific though, are they? Mind you, I might be quite interested in a new MBV album, whereas the thought of a twentieth Oasis album which is "a return to form" hem hem just fills me with apathy.

Murph - exactly. "Mike Tyson with his boxing gloves on". Poetry. I like 78 Man's camera technique in the video - the way he pans down from the single playing to show the front of the record player. I imagine him to be a rather dapper man who wears blue blazers and slicks his hair back with brilliantine when he goes to the British Legion. Oh, and he has a neat little moustache.

Dive - not sure if there's a new album on the way but I'd be interested to hear it. Might not be worth the wait though. Hmm, when you get old you tend to become very cynical. Winifred Attwell seems to have been a bit quiet of late. I mean, she has been dead for about years but that doesn't prevent Tupac Shakur from releasing new music, does it?

RoMo - I saw them circa 1990. before I retired from going to gigs, and they were bloody good. Very loud bit in the middle of You Made Me Realise left me with an interesting whistling noise in my ears for a few days, so I kept having to ask people to repeat things on the phone at work. Both the albums and the singles from the late '80s and early 90's are great, but the early stuff is a bit drippy.

Tim The F - exactly, Pot Black. Whispering Ted Lowe contributed to a couple of Mothers Of Invention albums and hung out with The Grateful Dead so nothing would phase him out. What do you think gives him that slightly spaced out demeanour?

Billy - I'm reading your comment with an accompaniment of Days Of Future Passed by The Moody Blues. Not to everyone's taste, it has to be said.
Er, not quite the last - just about to write and post mine...
Ben - ha! Very shoddy. You should've taken your laptop into the Roundhouse - THERE'S NO EXCUSE!
Yes Betty I also experienced that whistling noise (and warm tingle) after I saw MBV in 1991; it returns every now and again. I didn't dare go and see them this time. Did they play any new material? I'm still waiting for that 'drum'n'bass influenced' album from the mid-90s.
SK - I'd like to think that they played some new material, but I was actually in a freezing cottage in rainlashed Cornwall at the time. Drum 'n' bass? Are they going to bring out a grime album in 2017?
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