Thursday, July 03, 2008


I heart Adam Buxton's dad.

Anyone who types "Welcome back!!!!!!!!! :D" in the comments box can fuck off and die.

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FIRST!!!!!! :-)))))

I trust that the above sentiment finds you as it leaves me, in the pink.
You've been away?

Brilliant video, Betty.
She LIVES!!!!!
Ah-aha-ah-ahaaaa...bimbo, bimbo.
Oh you're back are you...
Mike - cheers. In the black, in the red and in the grey area, more like.

MJ - ... or does she?

Arabella - don't diss the Bimbo Jet. No one messes with the Bimbo Jet.

Billy - well, making tentative steps back into blogging. Could just walk away again. Don't hold your breath.
Dive - people keep telling me I went away, but I can't remember. The video's great, isn't it?
mmmmmmm mmmm
I thought for a moment that Parsons had actually died. I felt sad. Whaddya know?

Anyway, good mention of Scooch in there. They were the one great thing to come out of punk.
Baadaaad forgot to mention the 'hip young gunslingers' Parsons and Burchill.

An annoying pipsqueak and a fat bird with an irritating Bristolian voice.

I'm off to see My Bloody Valentine tonight. God I feel ancient.
I heart Baaadad too. But I'm heartbroken that Adam and Joe appear to have gotten a divorce.
Ziggi - *****!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@?????????

Del - yeah, Scooch had what always shines through, REAL TALENT, IN SPADES. That's what will always win through, not all that bloody shouting and noise.

Garfer - I'm sure Parsons and Burchill would've made it through to a further episode of Baaadad Punk Cliches ("they were a breath of fresh air - real working class kids who were an affront to the tired old hippies of the music press. They used to have barbed wire around their desks at the NME", etc.) My Bloody Valentine, eh? I feel a post coming on ...

Annie - comedy duos always seem to go through a bitter divorce eventually, don't they? Two enormous egos can't share the same stage, no doubt.
I we love all Buxton's. I enjoyed that thank you Bettster.
The most terrifying thing about this commentary is that he is bloody well right. Three decades later it is painfully obvious that it was bollocks.

Thank heavens that New Wave and Thatcherism rescued the 80s. There if that doesn't get me a bloody O.B.E. like Minogue then I don't know what will?
About bloody time an' all! Where've you been?
Baddad is still wonderful, but I was rather disappointed with the programme as a whole. Maybe he needs the tall one, the Andy Ridgely to his George Michael.
RoMo - Buxton the Derbyshire town is pretty good as well, isn't it?

Donn - some people would suggest that punk indirectly led to Thatcherism. Get rid of all of the hippies and soppy liberalism and replace them with hardfaced selfishness (or something along those lines. Could never quite work it out myself). Anyway - thank the heck that The Sex Pistols were soon forgotten and the like of Kids In America by Kim Wilde were lauded as the defining songs of a generation, eh?

Malc - if I told you where I'd been, I'd have to kill you.

Tim the F - is the tall one now spending his time surfing on Cornish beaches then? Andrew Ridgeley has the best post-popstar lifestyle of all. That's part of why Wham! were good and Duran Duran were/are fucking appalling.
...you've been away? I didn't notice.

Boz - I'm not really back. You're imagining things.
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