Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Who would've thought that this bloke ...

would've turned up looking like this ...

because disguising yourself as

... Harold Shipman isn't exactly going to give you a low profile, even if he has been dead for some time.

Come to think of it, how many times has Tom Conti been mistakenly hauled in for questioning about war crimes in The Hague in the past few years, eh?

Radavan Karadzic

Tom Conti

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I have it on good authority that Rodney Bickerstaffe is currently masquerading as Madame Blavatsky and telling fortunes on Morecambe Bay seafront.

He is the subject of an international manhunt for crimes against Buddy Holly impersonators.
In addition to being delighted that he's been nicked, I'm relieved to see the beard and Deirdre Barlow glasses. At last he's stopped looking like Ted Hughes.
They do look exactly the same, they've even got the same wavy hair.
Is that David Bellamy?
The top picture is of a hungover Father Ted.
Great post title, Betty.
Conti's agent called and he has agreed to play Karadzic.

I saw an amazing doc on how RAD Rad is according to his fellow 'patriots'.
He has been mythologized by many of his countrymen.

So much for the global village...
when the Soviet terror collapsed it soon became obvious that all that held those downass countries together was a common enemy...
muslims and christians had even intermarried..
then Gorbachev comes up with Perestroika and Glasnost ((KABOOM!))
Bloody do-gooder!
Has he left one of his rollers in .....or is it something worse?
It doesn't matter if you're wanted for human rights abuses all over Europe for 13 years - all you have to do is grow a comedy beard and wear 80s glasses. Someone he has tucked away his Groucho Marx false nose and moustache which was his backup disguise.
You've been the victim of Wackypedia Betty. That's definitely John Conteh from the 'pool second from bottom.
Nah, that's Santa - I'd know him anywhere, he's a right bastard and deserves what's coming to him.
Garfer - the public will protest against his arrest though. Especially all those women of a certain age whose loins fire up at the mention of his name. Phwoarr.

Arabella - he apparently has had a relationship with a "mystery mistress" - a Sylvia Plath figure, perhaps?

Billy - I'm glad you agree with me! Nobody else seems to! I thought I was imagining things.

Inexplicabul - I quite like the idea of David Bellamy facing a war crimes committee.

Donnnnnnnnnnnnnnn - you've summed it up there. My dad was a Serbian and didn't really speak much about animosity towards Catholics and Muslims, but come the early '90's he turned into a complete bigot who thought that Karadzic was a war hero. Ahem. You can't choose who you're related to, can you?

Kaz - I think he was trying to cultivate some sort of image as a spiritual, msytical doctor. Strange really - his old hairdo would have relied on wearing Carmen rollers much more than the long, lank hippy look with the beard, don't you think?

Annie - the comedy beard also worked for Saddam Hussein for a fair amount of time. Osama Bin Laden has had to go in the opposite direction - he's currently sporting a shaved head, body piercings and tattoos.

Murph - can't be John Conteh. Isn't he completely bald now? Wonder what he's doing nowadays - running a restaurant with Dave "Boy" Green, perhaps?

Ziggi - that's not a very nice thing to say about Santa, who has always seemed like a jolly, avuncular bloke. It would ruin loads of children's Christmases.

Hardest working-hair stylist in War Crimes sector. Took tips from James 'get on the PCP tip' Brown.

The word verification for this is: "Ooozbunk"

'nuff said.
Kek - heh heh. My dad's original passport picture when he came over from Yugoslavia made him look like a Balkan version of James Brown in that mugshot from a few years ago - the same haggard look and the wild hair.
I'm with Itvanski. I can't help but think it was a clanger from Father Dougal that blew his cover.

Anyway, I'm glad they've nicked the shit. I hope he rots in prison forever.
I don't know about you Betty but he never actually pitched up with armfuls when I was kid. Nor did he ever arrive to mine - I had to go out at great expense and do his work and let him take the credit! Glad they've nicked the great pretender - about time. And the other git obviously, although I did think he was quite sexy in S Valentine.
Holy crap, Betty!
That top photo had me singing "Werewolves Of London".

Actually, that's no bad thing.
Sing along:
"I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's, His hair was perfect!"

Or am I too old for this blog?
Del - I hope he rots in prison too, even though I'm half Serbian. Will probably get loads of rabid Serb patriots visiting and leaving abusive comments now. Gulp.

Ziggi - the Santa I remember at the Methodist Church Christmas Grotto when I was about six smelt heavily of booze and, shall we say, was a little bit too enthusiastic about the company of children, judging by what he did with his hands when I went in to see him. Gulp, again.

Dive - you're not too old for this blog. The husband is a big Warren Zevon fan. Does this mean he's too old for this blog though?
Poor Tom Conti- he's much better looking than Radovan!

Radovan was also compared to Father Ted, but again I reckon FT was far handsomer.

Genocide does terrible things to a mans' looks it seems.
Father Ted is indeed more handsome, but, unfortunately, more dead. As for Radovan, they do say that you end up with the face you deserve, which probably means that he should have a face covered in boils and weeping sores by now.
Ha ha Betty - you are so funny. I'm glad he has been caught despite probably having signed a lucrative deal with a lookeelikee agency which will keep him in the manner he is accustomed to before he goes up before the beak..
RoMo - judging by his gauntness now that beard's been shaved off, the lookeelikee is going to have to lose a lot of weight. Mind you, what good will the money be when he's banged up for life?
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