Monday, April 07, 2008


It looks as if this week's blogging craze is blogging ennui, which means we all have to pretend that we're too exhausted by thinking about what motivates us to blog, the Blogging Crisis and by worrying about what's happened to all the bloggers who've given up to post anything but YouTube clips.

Of course, I hate to be left behind with whatever is the fashion, so here's an appropriate YouTube clip. Sorry about the lack of Serbo Croat subtitles.

Oh yeah, and this is one of my favourite pop promotional things - dead 1960's, midway between Marty Feldman and The Wednesday Play. Plus, it's appropriate in Blogging Ennui Week.

Hey, are we really in Bloggin' Dead End Street?

Right, you can sit there drinking foul coffee, smoking foul cigarettes, wearing black polo necks and furrowing your brows, ennui-sters. Some of us have got us tea to make.

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I'd comment, but, like, you know...

*shrugs in a Gallic fashion*
Yeah - me too. I'm sporting a very full pout right now and batting my eyelashes. Do you think the internet is wondering 'is it because this week I is borin' like ?
I must admit my respect for Noel Gallagher was enhanced just a little bit when, not content with blatantly ripping off the Kinks for one of his tiresome outpourings, he then insisted on ripping off their promo as well, for the benefit of the 0.001% of the population who didn't notice the first time.

When it's that heavy-handed, it's postmodernism, not plagiarism.
I swear I only posted one YouTube.

Only one!
Billy - *ou est le chat?* *le chat est mort.*

Rockmother - I blame Spinsterella. It was her wot started this fashion for bloggers going away and being all enigmatic, like. Oh, and I'm dead miffed because each post I publish seems to have fifty per cent less comments than the last one. So I certainly must be boring, like.

Tim - Noel seems like quite an entertaining bloke really, provided you don't have to listen to his music. I can't really click on the link at the moment because I'll lose the comment I'm typing, but I presume you mean the funeral promo which I always watched with the sound turned off. At least it featured Rhys Ifans, who is one of my favourite dissolute dishy Welshmen. Sienna Miller: she's living a lie y'know.

MJ - and loads of topiary pictures. Is Infomaniac turning into a gardening blog then?
The only combination of Jean-Luc Goddard and Kinks on Google!!!
Murph - for a few egomaniac seconds there I thought you genuinely meant it, and it wasn't a joke. There are loads of Jean-Luc/Kinks combinations on Google, sadly enough. The best is a MySpace of some bloke called Russell. One of his friends is Miles Davis. If I was going to have a famous virtual mate from beyond the grave, I wouldn't choose Miles. He doesn't have a rep as the nicest of people, does he?
I didn't mean you are boring silly - I meant the internet! x
Rockmother - no offence taken. I'm not quite that paranoid! Mind you, I've been wondering what's been happening to a lot of the former visitors here: perhaps I've overstayed my welcome!
There really is no excuse whatsoever for people to post lame YouTube clips on their blog, what with all that's happening around the world. There's the Olympic flame being extinguished, Charlton Heston popping his clogs, missing TV presenters, not to mention the political situation in Zimbabwe...and *we've* all resorted to bloody YouTube.
'This week I shall mainly be mainly wearing a big white bath towel and a black trilby'.
Comme il faut - n'est pas?
I know - me too - I am limping on this week but find myself so dull these days it is difficult to muster up blogpower. x

PS: I am pining for Arabella - what happened? I hope she is ok.
Istvanski - I know, we're all so self absorbed, aren't we? I didn't know who that TV presenter was until I saw the London Lite tonight. This is what we should be doing instead of posting bloody YouTube clips - DISCUSSING THE FATE OF MARK SPEIGHT! (cockney rhyming slang?)

Kaz - I'd wear a white bath towel and black trilby meself, but I'd probably get carted off in an ambulance outside The Carphone Warehouse. It's happened before, so I'd better not risk it again.

Rockmother - well, I liked that podcast and have to keep going on to Money Mark's MySpace to listen to that song again and again "... I've got your haaand in my heeead". You're NOT dull, anyway. I'm sure that Arabella is okay, out there in Texas, or wherever she is at the moment.
"Enigmatic" ooh, I like.

Wyndham called me ascerbic too. I love the blog-world.
Spins - I'd love to be described as enigmatic or acerbic. I have been called "mean spirited" and "clueless" by commenters, but that doesn't have the same appear, somehow.
Try limping along being happy with one or two comments, then have someone else post something and get a zillion comments...and of course be quietly enigmatic about it rather than gutted and humiliated!
oooooh I posted a YouTube clip just before visiting here :(

It's a ba-luddy good one though.
I'm experimenting with a number of hobbies.

Yesterday gardening.

Today fishing.
Sephe, hullo, good evening and welcome. Ouch, though! Point taken.

Fathorse - it's all YouTube clips this week. We're all going YouTube crazy! I'll be over to visit in a bit, once I've done a couple of hours of power walking.

MJ - blimey. I assume you mean cunnilingus posts now?
Mais non.

Le poisson.
MJ - one man's fish is another man's poison.
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