Tuesday, April 01, 2008


... well, it was just a bit of harmless fun, a way to kill a bit of time on a Saturday afternoon, but our first mixtape appears to be the biggest disaster on the internet at the moment.

In fact, it appears to be the first mixtape that absolutely nobody has bothered to listen to, even for three minutes while they are scraping the fungus from under their toenails before hastily switching it off and cursing under their breath.

Mind you, props to Murph who at least bothered to click through the song titles and managed to ascertain that there was a song by The Association somewhere in the middle!

I don't think it's an experience we'll be repeating. Other people's personal music tastes are a bit hit and miss anyway. Ours fall between two stools. Not obscure enough for Real Music Fans from the "mum, look what I'VE done" school, and too tuneless and awful for people who don't like music (but do like Coldplay and Adele).

Still, as is often the case with blogging, we live to fight another day, with a better insight into our fellow human beings.

Any stragglers who can be bothered can find the mix here.

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