Thursday, March 06, 2008


I'm really not up to the blogging malarkey at the moment, y'know. All those other bloggers dropping out ... one or two tetchy responses from Other People, Elsewhere, that I'm still smarting about. Really, you need to have a hide as thick as a rhinoceros to be in this game! At this rate I won't have an audience left! Still, I've nicked this meme from Dive as a stopgap. Will post it in two parts ... so I won't have to do a proper post until July, when it'll be my birthday. Happy birthday to me ...

1) Are you taller than your mother?
Yes.  Only slightly though.

2) What colour is your car?
Don't own one.

3) What is the closest thing to you that is red?
A box of Rennies.

4) What is your ringtone?
I don't own a phone. Heard one today of someone's rugrat singing a nursery rhyme.  How vomit inducing can you get? I almost thumped the woman!

5) Are you sick?
Is this the teenage use of the word "sick"? In that case, probably not. Otherwise, I've had indigestion for the past few days, hence the Rennies.

6) What colour is your favourite pillow?
Dunno. Do you mean the pillow or the pillow case? White or pale blue, in that order.

7) Favourite video game?
Not interested.

8) Nap today?
It's early morning so no.

9) Gold or silver?
Either. Depends on the context.

10) Is there an animal that creeps you out?

11) The last person you rode an elevator with?
Whaaat? Does this mean something in English??  Do you mean, like, having sex in a hotel lift?  How gross!  Barff me out with a spoon!

12) Did you go ice skating as a kid?
No. I have a mortal fear of falling over on ice, because it's happened a few times in winter.

14) Ever have stitches?

15) Favourite non alcoholic drink?
Really strong tea.

16) How long ago did you kiss someone?
Less than two hours ago.

17) What is something that you want to do before you die?
Shoot a man just to watch him die.

18) Ever caught something on fire?
An infection ... moving swiftly on ...

19) Ever seen a ghost?
No, but I've had telepathic experiences. Nothing too impressive.

20) Ever seen the northern lights?
Seen The Stone Roses live a couple of times.

21) Do you know how to use chopsticks?
I make very slow progress with chopsticks.

22) Something good that happened today?
As the recently re-mixed Utah Saints once said, via Kate Bush, you know that something good is gonna happen ...

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I expected a Scottish slant on "Blogging In Ayrshire".

Does Geoff know about No 17?

Anyway, the Utah Saints have let themselves go since I last drooled over their "Never Ever" hit, but that groovesome vid of rainmaking machines has got my Wednesday off to a bouncing start. Excellent!
Ooh Utah Saints has induced a bit of a flashback - I'm suddenly back at Whirlygig at Brixton Academy c. 1992 seeing things that aren't really there!

Don't let other bloggers get you down - anyway - it's your blog so you can tell them to blog off if you want. x
Oh clarity clarity coming through - not Whirlygig - I meant Tribal Gathering. It was the Northern Lights what done it Miss..
Damn! What eclectic taste in quotes you have, Betty.
I don't know whether to listen to Folsom Prison Blues or Zappa's Valley Girl now, but thanks to you they are forming a very strange mélange in my addled brain.
Just to let you know I have wasted the last hour playing old KLF tracks - it was the mention of Utah Saints that set me off I think. I must go and do some work or polishing or something..
What have I missed now?? What other people?? What tetchiness?? Where??
Does Geoff know about number 16?
Murph - glad someone liked the vid, at any rate. I'm not going to shoot Geoff just to watch him die. Well, unless he keeps on listening to classical music, that is.

RoMo - "seeing things that aren't really there" - oh, yes, a common experience at the time. Still is, for some of us, unfortunately. As for other bloggers ... it was something that happened Somewhere Else, so I've just stayed away! I know where I'm not wanted, blubber.

Dive - sorry, I've got a very strange melange in my brain and like to inflict it on other people ... or a very strange blancmange. Probably both.

RoMo 2 - I have loads of early '90's dance 12 inch singles that I get out and play every so often if Geoff is not around. I hope I'll grow out of te habit eventually (probably in my 80's at this rate).

Beth - oh, it was somewhere else. Just me being thin skinned, as per usual. Not very exciting or anything.

MJ - yeah, he knows about the special deal I have with the milkman to keep the discount running on the weekly bill. Y'now how it is - there are some things you *have* to do to make ends meet.
Squeee! Love that Utah saints song. Might have to download the new fangled remixy thing from this supposedly so-called internet place now.

And KLF. I miss KLF. There should be more KLF.
Boz - the new video features a lot of Running Man. The people in the new video aren't wearing big enough high top trainers, in my opinion. Still ...
as chairperson of the sloth and slothiness appreciation society I think that your comments are uncalled for and tetchy!

(I so envy you being able to have a life that doesn't involve having to have a car and phone - bliss!)

((does one have to limit oneself to just the one man in the shooting activity?))
I knew that something good was going to happen! That's still there best bit..prolly because I adore Kate.

I wanna shoot someone too! I should move down to Texas because there seems to be far more opportunities presenting themselves...most them undocumented "visitors".

Now Betty, we have to have a serious talk!
Firstly if people say bad things about you, just swear at them and make gestures - if you can't do it to their face then do it behind their backs. And secondly, uninspired blogging - it's just a temporary lull - I've been in one for weeks now. Hang in there, you'll be back in form before you know it.
Ziggi - I've not got anything against slothfulness (is it a real word?) but sloths just creep me out. The way they move, the way they look - euw. I know I'm lucky not to need a phone or car. Hopefully I'll be able to live like a hermit at some point soon!

Donn - I lerve Kate as well, but it took me a long time to realise how good she is. Aerial is amaaaaazing! Probably the best album that's been out in the last few years.

Tom - I dunno about on form. I've never been on form with blogging, just publish any old rubbish. Problem is, sometimes I get self conscious about publishing any old rubbish ... I'm sure I'll get over it though. As for tetchy comments, I try my best not to respond in print, because it's much more grown up. Then I go away and bawl my eyes out for a few hours (not really).
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