Monday, March 24, 2008


Thanks for the millions of entries that flooded in for the caption competition on the previous post. Everyone who took part will be receiving a pink Betty Heart Disco t-shirt (26 inch chest).

The overall winner however is Da Do Ronn Donn, for this effort:

"Detecting wetness in hidden places with a 'divining rod', also known as doodlebugging, was invented as a way to escape the tedium of church services. Hence the term divining. It was a time honored tradition well known to Austen.

Judging by the pull on Mr Darcy's rod there is a considerable amount of moisture to be had on his immediate right."

Well, he hasn't really won a pair of overalls, har har. The slightly soiled Austen style empire line wedding dress will be soon be winging its way over the Adlaandic (as Tony Prince would've said) to Canada. I'll be reversing the mailing costs, but you can't expect everything, can you?

Hope you are all *battening down the hatchets* against the snow. To keep you feeling cosy and warm, here's the appalling Dan Hill with Sometimes When We Touch, The Honesty's Too Much, And I Have To Go Away And Have A Bit Of A Cry And A Seizure.

A happy Eastering Monday to you all, whatever your creed.

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Yay! Bring on Curtis Steigers!
Murph - yep, it's power ballad week here in the Utility Room. Steigers, Bolton, Adams. Real men, all of 'em, but in touch with their emotions.
I've always hated this one - but now I've seen what a good looking, sexy band they are (especially that drummer) - I'll have to reconsider.
Presses play button again..
Congratulations to a fabulous fellow Canuck! And well-deserved it is. I certainly hope he'll post pics of himself in the wedding dress. Perhaps imitating Miss Haversham?

Could you not have chosen a more interesting Canuck to sing for us? We're not just about Dan Hill and Celine Dion and Bryan Adams and Avril Whasshername, you know.
I wish to complain. I just wasted seconds staring at your blog title & trying to remember what it was from - then I scrolled down...now I'm going to have Dan-chuffing-Hill stuck in my head for the next three weeks.
Kaz - I know, the drummer! What a powerhouse! I tell you what, my days of drooling over Take That's Pray video are over at last (even the bit where they're standing under the shower hem hem). It's The Dan Hill Set all the way for me now!

MJ - very sporting and gracious of you. I'm not sure if Donn will be able to fit into the wedding dress yet. As for Canuck music, yeah ... there's Martha And The Muffins, or the very great Percy Faith.

Beth - at least you know where the post title comes from now. I've had the Dan Hill song stuck in my head for ages, and I like to share my pain around with other people. A problem shared is a problem halved.
Sorry I'm late I've been off sulking somewhere.

The P&P picture is disturbing me. The trouser bulges are strangely hypnotising.
Billy - hello and, um, welcome back. I think I may go off and sulk somewhere myself actually.
HUZZAH! I shall be waiting for the postman.

Down'hill' Dan as I call him, can never be fully forgiven for this f*@%$ awful song. It is easily the WORST song ever recorded in Canada.

I would think that it is in the same league as Feelings and Muskrat Love.
Donn - you're welcome. I didn't deliberately choose the Dan Hill song as an affront to Canuckistan. It's just been stuck in my head for the past few weeks, so is a reflection of what is happening in my real life, cough, splutter. Is Dan still involved in The Music Industry? I hope so. A duet with Celine would be heavenly. They're both so ... sensitive ...
You missed last night's Anne Murray "Duets" special on CBC TV in which she sang with Celine Dion but unfortunately not with Dan Hill.

I'm sure Donn caught the special and can comment further.
you can go off people, just because of Kaz's comment I watched 2.21 minutes of that just to see the drummer and it wasn't worth it.

(Makes you wonder what Kev looks like doesn't it?)
hey wait, i missed the compo and, and muskrat love was a tender and funny song that urged us not to take love so seriously, and
"bravely soldiering onward despite the lack of both photography AND dancers belts: the Austin Romantic Hero!"
*gets in crying tug of war with coppens over soiled dress*
MJ - I'm sooo jealous. My parents used to love Anne Murray and her dark brown voice, especially the song Snowbird. I wasn't even aware she was still alive.

Ziggi - eh? You're joking! That drummer is a whole lotta drummer! Swoon! Most handsome man in pop music since David Essex! I'm sure that Kev is a whole lotta Kev.

FN - nothing wrong with The Captain And Tenille. Well, apart from Tenille's rather manic looking smile. I'm sorry that you have a life and therefore missed the competition, so I'll be sending one of the consolation prizes of a Betty Heart Disco t-shirt (26 inch chest).
Who has the more manic smile?

Tenille? Or Marie Osmond.
MJ - Tenille. Definitely Tenille. There is a look of wanton madness in her eyes. Osmond was grounded, because of her enormous family and Mormon faith. What did Tenille have? The Captain ... and that was it.
"Nibblin' on bacon
Chewin' on cheese
Sam says to Suzie
Honey, would you please be my Mrs
Suzie says, yes, with her kisses
Now, he's ticklin' her fancy
Rubbin' her toes
Muzzle to muzzle
Now anything goes as they wriggle
Sue starts to giggle"

The Greg Kihn Band said it best..
"And then the jukebox plays a song I used to know
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
And now I'm staring at the bodies as they're dancing so slow
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
They just don't write like that anymore."
Donn - oh my gaaahd: http://www.captainandtennille.net/tonis-take_blog_01.htm

I've been spelling her name wrong. She has a virtual age of 37 y'know, and will apparently live to 109.
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