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Nope, can't think of anything to write about. At this rate, the next thing you'll get on here will be a YouTube of Lee Marvin singing I Was Born Under A Wanderin' Star.
What confuses me is that Alison Goldfrapp doesn't even sing about The Laughing Cavalier on that album. Silly sod.

Still, at least it *is* a good album.
More fanciable one off of the Boosh, eh?

Have I mentioned that I have been compared to him?

First Milliband now 1/2 of the Boosh.
This really made me laugh. Also, I can confirm that Julian Barratt is infinitely more fanciable than Noel Fielding.
Yes Yes Yes - it is so obvious when you think about it.

Now I wouldn't metaphorically kick Noel Fielding out of bed but Julian Barratt is more interesting.
Noel Fielding is almost as kickable as Russell Brand. Ooh, look at my rockstar barnet!

I am blogpost-dry at mo and have never seen a minute of an episode of The Mighty Boosh although it has led me to refer to Kate Bush as La Mighty Boosh quite a lot and personally I don't normally go for blokes that look like Chrissie Hynde in a silver poncho but given the chance I would def shag Noel Fielding. Common sense tells me it should be the other more normal looking one but I never learn and always seem go for the odd-looking arty types..
At least there's consensus over which one out of Goldfrapp has the mightiest boosh.
IDV - I suppose she didn't mention the Larffing Cavalier on the album because she was being deliberately obscure. Bloody popstars. I liked the album a lot on a first hearing, but now I've just read on The Internet that it isn't that good, so will have to revise my opinion!

Billy - you seem to get compared to everbody! I thought you were supposed to look like the young Bob Dylan? Either way ... Julian Barratt or Bob Dylan circa mid-60's, phwoarr.

Patroclus - too true. I suppose he is the older one, which means I feel slightly less guilty, although age has never been a major factor before. *demonic laughter*

Jane - I've only seen him in Nathan Barley before. He always looks tired, which is quite appealing. Not many men can carry off facial hair ... erm ...

Garfer - but all the student girlies love him! It must be that dazzling smile. I thought comedy was supposed to be the new rock 'n' roll (circa 1990). I mean, look at Rob Brydon!

Rockmother - Julian Barratt isn't that normal looking. Well, the sort of women who like Enrique Iglesias wouldn't really go for him, would they? I dunno what my type is really. Probably influenced by hormones. God knows what I'll be like after the menopause.

Tim - ... actually I'm not sure that is the case, taking into account some of the outfits she wears. It wouldn't be practical. Anyway, I thought Mika was the mightiest boosh in pop music?
He was lovely in Nathan Barley. There was a moment when he lit a cigarette before embarking on an all-night online betting marathon that made me go all peculiar. I think it's his eyes.
hey patroclus!

Im trying to figure out how the nice cavalier man got his moustache to do that. it gives him a kind of helicoptery look. *eyes biker appraisingly*
Noel Fielding is fancied most of all by, er, Noel Fielding.
And here I thought that one of the Olson Twins had gone off and married Adam Ant.
Patroclus - mmm ... funny, I didn't get swoony in the glory days of Coronation Street when Jack Duckworth used to light up a ciggie during one of the all night card games in the back of The Rovers (he was usually playing against the likes of Don Brennan and Brian Tilsley).

FN - I dunno, there weren't many directional hair products available in those days. Perhaps he used whisked up egg white, or sugar and water?

Murph - there seems to be a long suffering (five years) Missus Fielding according to Wikipedia, but who knows if she loves him more than he does?

Lord Tennis - stand and deliver, indeed. I would've certainly not turned down the offer to marry Adam, when I was sixteen ...
Oh, but I like Noel Fielding. Actually, I don't like Noel Fielding so much as I like Vince Noir. Hmm.

I used to be frightened of the Laughing Cavalier because of a Huxley Pig episode set in a haunted house. Strange but true. Now, I think, you may have helped me get over a serious childhood demon...
I know not of whom you speak. But I did hear those Goldfrapp people being interviewed on Radio 2. Moi pretentious - not compared to those two, that's for sure!
But the tash on pic 2 needs to be upturned!
fathorse - oh, I love The Laughing Cavalier, and Frans Hals paintings in general. Mind you, he has rather a smug, supercilious look. I bet he was the sort of bloke you'd want to smack in the chops with a yard of tripe. The Laughing Cavalier that is, not Frans Hals.

Tom - je suis tres tres pretentious. I would've thought Goldfrapp would make the effort to be pretentious for Radio Four, but not Radio Two!

Llewtrah - that's because Julian Barratt had run out of Shockwaves Extra Firm Moustache Wax.
ooh validation! i feared i was alone in my pash for barratt. he's my friend on myspazz - i'm torn between proud and ashamed of myself for being so.
RG - ah well, blogging is a place to confess to all sorts of things. Especially in the comments section of a previous post, where, hopefully, nobody else is reading.
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