Saturday, March 08, 2008


Flaming hell, Adele!

In recognition of the fact that it's International Wimmen's Day (er, so I've been told) ...

Watch out! Head for the hills!

The world's dullest all girl group is coming your way!

Power to the lovely laydeees! Especially the ones who've been to a charm school to learn how to be famous!

Typical gurllls then ...

The rest of the meme will be along shortly. Bet you can't wait.

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Yea, truly they are the most boring/irritating 'singers' of their generation. Add Beth 'famous for being Fat' flippin' Ditto into the mix too and a well placed explosive device starts making sense. Future generations would thank us.
I suddenly feel slim and sober(ish)
I won't be convinced of the Adele/Pat Butcher connection 'til I see bigger earrings.

She's just not making the effort.
Kek - love the way that Adele says that all of them went to "the same school", as if they were girls from a sink estate at some no-hoper comprehensive rather than the Brit School. Oh, and they "represent most women in the world" apparently! Oh, I should say, loved the garagecast thing, by the way, despite all the self-deprecating stuff you put in the accompanying post.

Ziggi- what, you can see me through your computer screen? That really is frightening! No, the issue I've got with Adele is that she's speaking complete bollocks there. Mind you, she is young ...

MJ - it's the general demeanour rather than the earrings. In fact, she's probably stayed away from the earrings because then more people would make the connection!
There seems to have been some kind of march in London which commemorated Interational Women's Day. Apparently, there were a load of women there that took place. Security will need to be increased if that many managed to escape from their kitchens.
It was a march against domestic violence (on International Women's Day).
"love the way that Adele says that all of them went to "the same school" - yeah, I was gonna mention that too; God, they're so irritating; bloody stage-school kids.

And thanks for the kind words about the Garagecast.
“You don’t need to be a doll with tanned legs, blonde hair, big boobs and good lips. I really don’t think you have to be like that any more. "

True Adele - but then, the dolls with tanned legs, blonde hair, big boobs and good lips are out there getting their arses cocked off them, while you're still living with your parents and trying to concoct some fantasy saddo 'female supergroup with a bunch of binge-drinking, emotionally stunted and personality disordered so-called 'superstars'.

*And* Amy Winehouse.

Why don't you do us all a favour and lay off the Battenburg and learn to sing before you start going all bizarre ELP/Spice Girls hybrid on us arses....?????


wrod vrecififificicatoin: samggn - didn't she used to be in Bananaramamalamalamangading-dong??
"All of us represent most women in the world."

I really hope that's The Sun making a quote up. Certainly got my attention on a Sunday morning.

Thanks for The Slits clip. They reformed two years ago in a kind of way that has you going "oh please don't".
Istvanski - I didn't manage to escape from the kitchen, but then I'm not very good at using my initiative.

RoMo - did the march get much publicity? Apparently, the big issue being discussed on International Wimmen's Day this year was how women at boardroom level can get equal pay to men in the same jobs, which is so much more important than all the other issues affecting "most women of the world"... okay, rant over.

Kek - the annoying thing is, once their pop careers are over they won't just disappear because they'll end up being TV presenters or soap stars ( ... mind you, Lily Allen is already ahead of the game, having become a failed chat show host).

Bob - all the dolly birds with tans and blonde hair end up as WAGs, don't they? Adele seems to be under the impression that this is the first generation of female musicians who can, er, "be themselves" and get success on their own terms. I mean, Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin all had to make an effort with the fake tan and Beverly Hills diet to get noticed, didn't they, what with being completely devoid of talent and all. The ELP/Spice Girls hybrid band sounds like a fucking excellent idea actually. I'd pay to see 'em.

Malc - exactly! The Sun does seem to make up about ninety per cent of its quotes. Then again, Adele doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the box ... didn't Ari Up perform in a posh department store a few years ago, then, at the end of Shoplifting, encouraged the audience to ransack the store? Anarchy lives on! Sort of.
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