Sunday, March 09, 2008


Part the second of the meme.

23) Are you worried about something you can't control?
Everything. I hate being out of control.

24) Do you take daily meds?
Caffeine, booze at weekends.

25) Ever been in a fight?
Physical - no. Verbal - yes.

26) Wearing nail polish?
Not at the moment. Ought to make more of an effort really.

27) Favourite colour?

28) Innie or outie?
Is this to do with navels? Innie, thank the fuck.

29) Ever used a Ouija board?
No. I'm not quite that daft.

30) Sweet or sour?
Sweet (food), sour (mood), sweet (people).

31) Sun or Moon?

32) What shoes did you wear today?
Three quarter length boots with zippy bits on the front. Not too pervy - I hope.

33) Favorite eye color of the opposite sex?
*favourite*, *colour* - honestly, those Americans, eh? Every eye colour apart from my own, grey, which is boring.

34) Most important quality in a relationship.
Kissable neck.

35) Favourite zombie movie?
Haven't seen any. Does Shaun Of The Dead count? It was okay, but not that good.

36) Time of day that you were born?
Early evening.

37) Do you know your blood type?

38) What would you spend 500 dollars on right now?
*500 pounds*. Would put it in the bank, because I'm old and sensible.

39) Name something annoying in public transit?
Does this mean public transport? What isn't annoying about public transport? Mind you, I won't go into further detail or I'll sound like one of those ranting letter writers in London papers who get REEEALLY ANGRY about someone drinking a can of pop on the train, or men sitting with their legs open. Listen, I'm a dirty old woman - if men want to sit with their legs open on the train I'm not going to grumble about it, if they are fit looking! There isn't much to enjoy at my age, is there? Ahem.

40) Did you grow up in a city or in the country?
Provincial town on the edge of the countryside. The worst of both worlds: nondescript place to live, without access to the countryside, but cut off from larger towns.

41) Consider going on a reality show for a large amount of money?
No fucking way.

42. Flown in your dreams?
Drowned in big vats of murky water or the sea.

43. Hugs or kisses?
Both, separately or together. Depends who you're with.

44) Ten dollars to spend in a dollar store. What on?
Ten *pounds*, Mr U.S. of A. Bottles of shampoo, preferably with stuff written in Turkish on the label.

45) Slurpee flavour?
Jack Daniels.

I won't tag anyone, but indulge if you want.

Meanwhile, look out for Welsh chart topping sensation Duffy making a brief appearance as the barmaid near the start of this video ...

... which reminds me. Gavin And Stacey is back! May joy be unconfined!

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I love the clip. Is that the kind of 'mindless dance music' that they play on Gaydar?
Let's take a look at Geoff's neck then.

They call it public transit in Canada and it's filthy. I always advise not to sit on the cloth seats, only the vinyl ones as the cloth seats contain vermin and bodily fluids invisible to the nekkid eye.

And when men sit in the back seats with their legs splayed, taking up three seats, I make them shove over to accommodate me. Even if the bus is empty save for the two of us. It's just what I do. Unless it's a cloth seat, of course.
Magenta Devine!
Good colour for nail varnish ...but not worth the effort.
Istvanski - they probably would play it, but only if there's a remix by The Freemasons. Virtually every track that's on Gaydar has been remixed by The Freemasons, or is by The Freemasons.

MJ - are you sure you're not travelling by cattle truck by mistake? You tend to get colds, 'flu or Hepatitis if you travel on trains in Britain, but it's all part of the "local colour" of experiencing public transport. I object to men sitting with their legs splayed if they're sat next to me, of course, but it they're sat opposite and are attractive ... well, I don't mind ;)

Kaz - welcome back to gale lashed Britain. Whatever happened to Magenta Devine, eh? There were rumours that she only had one eye y'know.
Just realised that Gavin and Stacey returns on my birthday.
What a fab birthday present!
Willie - indeed. Just hope the second series lives up to the hype.

Nothing nice ever happens on my birthday. Even the famous people who share my birthday (er, David Owen, Kenneth Baker and Jerry Hall) aren't the sort of people I'd want to share a birthday with!
At least you don't share your birthday with Ronald Reagan! How rubbish is that?
RoMo - hmm, I found out today that Lindsay Lohan has the same birthday as me. It just gets better and better ...
Thasa choon dat is. Might nick your meme...
It's in the top ten now. I'll be campaigning for all of Bizarre Inc's singles to be re-released, then they'll all be sorry. Hah!
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