Tuesday, February 12, 2008


(Go to about 1 min 35 if you have a short attention span like me)

"This one's for My Blakey, My Blakey, incarcerated".


I bet Blakey is really looking forward to getting out. By the time he walks he'll have an arsehole the size of a Chopper bike inner-tube and have an even bigger one greeting him outside the gates - his Flakey, inebriated.
Is that her mum and is she telling her what to say? "Don't forget to thank the record company, they pay for all the drugs."
Poor love probably can't remember what language she speaks.
This makes me think of the voice dubbing scene from 'Singing In The Rain' - "Oi cehhhhhnt stehhhhnd 'im!".
Reg - apparently Amy is running around town with another Blake, so he may not even have anyone around to greet him once he gets out of prison!

Malc - her parents seem a bit .. weird to me. Still, there's something rather odd about parents who put their kids through talent schools anyway, isn't there?

Arabella - "Laaaahndan taaaahn is burnin' daaaaahn!" Did she ever play the part of Eliza Doolittle when she was at the Brits School (or whatever it's called)? I bet her dad isn't really a taxi driver, he's the Fifteenth Earl Of Wimbim or summat.
Her Mum is whispering "Cars-eratred! Nice one! Fank Gawd you never told 'em e's banged up in the ol' nick princess!"
Murph -"yeah babes, they're gonna fink 'es a Grand Pricks racin' driver or summfin, innit? That's the sort of son-in-law a muvver would be praahd to 'ave."
Maybe she should have sung her acceptance speech?
RoMo - good idea. She should've turned it into a Lionel Bart extravaganza, with cockney urchins dancing behind her.
Yes - and cockle and winkle vol au vents for snacks backstage
Bless our Amy. When she finally cleans up/kicks the bucket, what will we talk about?

I hear Adele's booked in for a mentalist breakdown in about 18 months.
RoMo - eugh, I'd be throwing up within minutes. Why is it that only Londoners have the stomach for that seafood?

Del - I can see it now ... Adele and Duffy resorting to bare knuckle fighting outside an off licence ... Duffy torching Adele's flat. The future is grim.
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