Saturday, January 12, 2008


For the past four weeks, when we've done the weekly big shop in the supermarket and we've been about to head back to the car park with the trolley, we've seen a woman kneeling on the floor in exactly the same spot arranging stuff into carrier bags.

She bears an uncanny resemblance to Griff Rhys Jones.

Are we destined to live through our own Groundhog Day, forever and ever?

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Oooh, I'd happily live in Groundhog Day forever if Gruff featured in it...
Not Griff though.
Spins - wouldn't have any complaints whatsoever if I was to be in an eternal Groundhog Day with Gruff of course, but Griff? Bloody nightmare - traipsing around those stately homes and up mountains!
"Are we destined to live through our own Groundhog Day, forever and ever?"
Perhaps you should try a different supermarket?
I just want the extra six weeks of Winter...so hot here right now. :(
Istvanski - I'm sure that Griff would follow me to the other supermarket, which would make me even more freaked out.

Chosha - I think I could cope with nice weather all the time (sunny, not too hot) ... or could I? Wouldn't mind finding out.
Didn't you post this last week?
I'm reassured that someone else thinks Gruff is dishy...
I'd like a Groundhog Day where I could punch Tony Blair in the gob.

I'd knee him in the balls next.

The permutations are endless.
So much anger Garfer!

Just think of having a lovely afternoon combing Gruff's beard and playing with his curls, possibly under the influence of some herbal relaxants.

Again and again and again, forever.

Now, isn't that better?
Vicus - well spotted. That's this blog in a nutshell. The same old bad tempered whining crap every week, forever. At last someone has told the truth.

Katie - yeah, Spinsterella makes three. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that he's closer in age to me than Griff Rhys Jones as well. Phew! Feel a bit less guilty now ...

Garfer - I don't think I could put up with seeing Tony grinning at me every day. Besides which, he famously has awful halitosis. Yeech.
Spin - mmm, sounds alright to me, but I'm not sure it would be the kind of thing Garfer would like. I think he has a partiality to that bird on The ONE Show.
I'm interested to know precisely how she looks like Griff Rhys Jones... The potential image is disturbing me...
I am in total agreement with Spinny. Gruff not Griff. Perhaps we should start a campaign and march through Cardiff with placards just to make some sort of point or something?

I think I need a cup of tea. I am not especially awake yet.
Fathorse - the hair ... the eyes ... the face ... the glasses, the way she dressed ... if it's disturbing for you, imagine how it was for me!

Rockmother - you, me, Katie, Spinsterella, all marching through Cardiff. It's not exactly like the crowds gathering to meet The Beatles when they touched down in America for the first time, is it? Still, it's a start ...
Every day I get up and switch my computer on, feed the cat, make a cup of tea, light the woodstove, check my emails, read a few blogs, eat the same thing for breakfast...
Groundhog day - I think I better watch it again in case it is some deep revelatory film about the meaning of life.
Tom - I think the film's trying to tell us that we have the power to do something different with our lives even within the confines of our repetitive lifestyle (or something like that ... sounds suspiciously like all the self-improvement bollocks I was criticising in the previous post!). Oh, yeah, and the ability for lerve to change our lives for the better. Mind you, I saw it in 1993, so I've probably forgotten the plot.
Are you sure it WASN'T Griff? Doing a griffumentary on women who have to work in crappy supermarkets? Considering the nature of Mr. Jones, I don't think this is an implausible suggestion...
The only good thing I can say about Griff is - he looks better that the other bloke and he saved our Victoria baths.
OK 2 things!
For the past 4 weeks when I've been doing my big weekly shop while I'm arranging my carrier bags I've seen this same couple who stop and stare at me and then scuttle off muttering.

They bear an uncanny resemblance to Jack and Vera Duckworth.

Am I destined to live through my own Groundhog Day for ever and ever?
Fathorse - sounds feasible. I'll look out for the documentary on BBC 2 and the chance to see myself on telly for a millisecond then ...

Kaz - he certainly does not look better than the other bloke (er, just a personal opinion, like). Besides, Gruff saved Haverfordwest Victorian Baths! So it's all equal now!

Griff - that certainly wasn't us. We're the couple who look like Posh and Becks.
You just know that if Groundhog day did happen to you, it would be "one of those days", rather than a really good one. Still, i'd be pleased if Griff was in mine. We could chat about those heady halcyon days of the 90's, and share our mutual passion for Steely Dan. And something tells me he might have some interesting substances to make the day go a bit quicker when it all got a bit tedious after a while.
Del - heh heh, I could think of more interesting things to get up to with Gruff than talking about the '90s, hem hem, but Steely Dan are bloody marvellous, aren't they?
You could try a different shopping time/day ... if she's still there then she's stalking and spying on you!
Llewtrah - that's exactly the reason that I don't try shopping at a different time to the usual. I'm even more scared that she's going to turn up then in full on stalker mode!
better grif rhys jones than mel smith. expecially these days.

You know what... I wish I hadn't read this post now, because I keep daydreaming about the Gruff's curls. When are we marching through Cardiff?
Surly - ooh, that's a horrible choice to have to make, the kind that you'd only make if you had a gun held to your head. I suppose it would have to be Griff R.J., just about, despite my (probably imagined) belief that he has fishy catfood breath.

Katie - well, I'm all for it if I can save up the money for the Severn Bridge toll. Hmm, I wonder if Gruff's hair is full of product though?
Yes. Steely Dan are marvellous. Today I discovered that the "stab them with their steely knives" line in Hotel California is probably a reference to them, since they namechecked The Eagles in one of their earlier tracks. So there.
Funny that The Eagles were having a go at the decadent LA scene in Hotel California, but were probably at the centre of that decadence themselves ...
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