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Okay, this is a music post, which means that most of you will say "bah, all I'm interested in at the moment is the unmitigated triumph of my six year old's performance as The Guiding Star in the school nativity play. Can't you at least talk about the best way to use up the rest of the turkey?" Well to you I say: clear orff. There are other blogs where you can read about all that stuff.

This is the annual Best Of The Music I Liked That Nobody Else Liked This Year post. As I've grown older, rather than putting aside foolish things and listening to *serious* music which is more becoming of my age, my tastes have become more banal and childish. I suppose I should really be enthusing about The Hold Steady (the new Broooce Springsteen! Swoon!) or Feist (the sort of music they play at a polite volume in vegan restaurants. Yeuch).

Instead, here are some mindless dance tracks and one or two relatively famous bands. Nothing that's needlessly obscure: that's one thing I've grown out of at least. Click on the links to see some YouTube performances (like, anyone is going to do THAT).

Acceptable In The Eighties - Calvin Harris. I think it was *acceptable* to like Calvin Harris for about a fortnight in March, but I can't quite remember. He seems to be hated by indie twats, which is usually a good thing.

NYC Beat - Armand Van Helden. Nobody cares about Armand Van Helden any more, which means he can go away to make esoteric and excellent albums (of which Ghettoblaster is the most recent, and sounds like a tribute to Todd Terry. It's alright, I can get away with writing this incomprehensible crap because no bugger is reading anymore. Heh heh). Some nice footwear in this video.

With Every Heartbeat - Robyn. Just a brilliant, maudlin pop song which got to number one. Did Belgian priests wear shoes like that in the fourteenth century?

There Is No I In Threesome - Interpol. From the wonderful album Our Love To Admire. I like my rock music the way I like my men and my tea - dark, brooding, deliciously doomy and with a dash of soya milk. Eh?

I Found You - Axwell. Another house *anthem* for you to avoid. I'm sure that somebody else, somewhere, must like this.

Golden Skans - The Klaxons. As the other half said while watching the Glastonbury highlights on telly "they just piss all over Arcade Bloody Fire, don't they?" Too true.

Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem. From Sound Of Silver, the album of the year by General Consensus. For once, I'm in agreement with General Consensus, whoever he is. Probably trying to sort out the mess in Afghanistan.

Let Me Think About It - Ida Corr Vs. Fedde Le Grand. Fedde Le Grand has had three great and ridiculous top five records and no one knows who he is, apart from Mrs Le Grand, perhaps. This is probably the greatest and most ridiculous of all. The ridiculousness of the bloke who turns up in the middle of this video verges on the ridiculous.

On Call - The Kings Of Leon. Well, of course I was going to put something by The Kings Of Lemon in here, just to prove that I like some guitar music and am not just a 1981 synthesiser fop.

D.A.N.C.E. - Justice. One-two-sree-four-fifes!

I am Somebody - DJ Mehdi feat. Chromeo. Actually, it was out at the tail end of last year but I probably listened to it more than any other single this year. Two beautiful men dancing in a rather camp manner in the video as well. What's not to like? Oh, and is the Chromeo album worth getting with my HMV vouchers?

Glamorous - Fergie feat. Ludacris and someone else, I can't remember. HONESTLY. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS?

Righty ho, I'm going to take my broke ass home now.

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Thanks, I can rest easy again.
I think I have heard of the Kings of Leon, but none of the others.
Please keep this up. I would hate to find out that I knew something about popular music.
I am with you all the way on Calvin Harris (didn't like the follow-up much though), Robyn (and she were blimming great on the exhumed Xmas TOTP), Axwell (you are the first person I "know" who has even HEARD of this little gem), Klaxons (totally disinterested in hearing the album though), LCD (General Consensus, yes indeed), Justice (ace MJ tribute but the album does goes on a bit; it's a bit too heavy on the solid downbeat, and hence not what you might call "funky"), and the *marvellous* Fedde Le Grand (who COULDN'T love all that wonky parping?)
(..and as the tumbleweed blows, perhaps I should also fess up to liking the Feist album...)
Your ass is broke as well as your arm? What did you do, piss on the baby Jeeeezus?

(I like Feist too. Sorry.)
But Betty - Do you dance around the kitchen when you listen to these? And if so is it the same dance that you used to do to Abba?

I've been dancing to The Supremes this afternoon (well it's raining) and it's the same dance I used to do to The Supremes.
Fab. Bored of Christmas now, you and Geoff are doing sterling work at keeping us entertained.

I immediately liked Monsieur le Grand and rushed to Soulseek right away. That video is funny - the ridiculous man looks like the electrician who wandered onto the set and they couldn't get him off again.
That Ida Corr eh, she must have been disowned by the rest of the Corrs for being too saucy.
Vicus - glad to be of service. There were a distinct lack of musical platters featuring the crooning of Al Bowlly this year, weren't there?

Mike - ah, those tumbleweed moments. Still, I had to publish a long, tedious music post because IT WAS CATHARTIC and you have to go whichever way your art tells you to as a writer ... ahem ... I'm alright now, I've had one of me blood pressure tablets. Anyway, good old Axwell. The spirit of Liquid's Sweet Harmony rises up from the dead!

Tim - didn't Mary turn up in Bethlehem on the back of a broke ass? Is Piss On The Baby Jeezus an old Birthday Party song?

Kaz - I find that doing the Bryan Ferry/Sheena Easton dance is about all I can manage these days and I don't dance in the kitchen any more because of the recent accident in there. Don't want a repeat performance of that! The Supremes are wonderful, though. Well, apart from that song where Diana Ross's mum apparently dies while cooking home made jam.

Annie - that's the spirit. I'm sure that bloke has been told by an old girlfriend "ooh, you're goorgeous, you could be a model!" and he's hoping that there will be loads of offers from Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss flooding in. My gran's name was Ida, y'know. Here's to bringing back Ida as a fashionable name to christen your daughters with in 2008.
I have never heard of any of this music, but then I do live at a secret adress in America.

May I reccomend my favourite musical moment of the year, Paul Potts singing Paverotti's "Nissan Dormer" on "Britain Has Talents"?
Bettay! I love your muzeek posts!
Ayteez was fun, Van Helden's lovely birds were beeter than the song, LOVE Robyn always will, Interpol are very REMsky, Axwell fab dancers ay wot, already a Klaxonite, can't remember LCD hmm, LOVE IDA CORR "schwing" proof positive that Prince won!!! I have seen the Dance T shirt thingamabob, DJ MEhdi has kewl moves that I am trying to teach my 6 year old, and by law I can only have one allotment for Fergie this year and that has to be Big Girls Don't Cry..

I wish that you would do this every week.
Glenda - Pottsy is hot. Apparently he is taking over America. Could be the biggest triumph for British music since The Beatles arrived at JFK Airport!

HE - thanks! Heartening to think somebody actually watched all those videos (er, I probably wouldn't have myself). I'd love to do more music posts but not many people are interested in music, so I just have the occasional splurge. People want to read the heartwarming human interest stories on here (er ... well, not really).
I'm only commenting to get away from all the orange B for blogger on here!

Like someone said - I've only herd of the Kings of Leon. I was going to correct that typo and then it reminded me of Andy Fairweather Low, so I didn't ...

Herd, Love Affair, Andy (as mentioned) Everlasting Love ... match them up!

Cheers belle (as your orange Blogger won't let me sign my name anymore - what's that about?)
I want your French House babies. Although Axwell is Swedish. But that is a good old fashioned four to the floor, pianos to the max teeeuuunnnahage.

Glamorous is rubbish though. But entertaining rubbish.

Expect my top 10 at some point. I have got it written down already, so the ones that we both have I haven't copied off you, honest.
Oooh, I feel like I should be down with Young People's Music (YPM) but sadly, 'tis not to be. However, I like Feist too. Give me a Nicoesque, husky voiced, blue sequin wearing laydee any day. Have a cool time you twoxx
Rosneath - I can't understand the Blogger/Wordpress problem. Why did they have to change things? Bloody annoying, isn't it? Hmm, The Love Affair, Amen Corner and The Herd ... did they all release singles on the same day in 1968? Anybody else got any ideas?

Del - yeah, but I'll be expecting the quarterly payments of £50, as per usual. No Kate Nash in my list though, ha ha!

Molly - I don't know what Young People's Music is these days. That morose boy who won The X-Factor? Since I stopped watching TOTP and Popworld I haven't got a clue. I don't think Dane Bowers has anything to do with Young People's Music any more, which has to be a good thing. Hope you are enjoying the holidays.
Good gods! I like most of those.

Betty, you will be my new source for music seeing as I pretty much hate everything that anybody else likes.

Robyn's album is my favourite of the year. Even beating Kylie!
IDV thanks, I pretty much don't understand anything anybody likes. Being insane is pretty lonely, boo hoo.
Betty, I'm so sorry, i didn't make it to the end - I did scan through and saw that I knew nothing of what you speak.
Anyway bettes, and Geoff, thanks for all your 2007 offerings and have a great 2008. xx
Tom - thanks, and happy New Year to you and yours as well. I'll be over to leave a deep and meaningful comment on your most recent post at some point, hopefully when my brain is functioning above third gear.
Happy New Year, Betty.

Bottoms up!
gosh forgot Amen Corner ... that was Andy Fairweather Low, wasn't it ... and was Everlasting Love by Love Affair? Herd is a false trail???

MJ - *clinks glass of absinthe*

Rosneath - er, right you are. Herd must be a false trail!

...damn...too late!...
Can I start a petition for you to become a proper mp3 blogger? It's terribly easy and only a tiny bit illegal.
Murph - so is Feist a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion? Damn, I can't even understand the comments on my blog anymore.

Patroclus - oh, we did consider doing a podcast at some point but there were two things which put us off - the fact that I have a speaking voice that sounds like someone scraping fingernails down a blackboard, and the worry about the illigal aspect of it.

For me, Klaxons = overhyped wank. But then you probably think the same about The Arcade Fire.

'Someone Great' is indeed great, and I do like 'No I In Threesome' too, even despite the bloody awful name.
Ben - I like the silliness aspect of The Klaxons. Ridiculous lyrics, image, etc. I don't know to what extent they've been hyped because I don't really read the NME any more (I presume that's where they'd be overhyped if anywhere). There's something a bit worthy about The Arcade Fire which makes me steer well clear of them.
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