Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Rock 'n' roll/Scouse infidel lookalikes: the first in a series.

... Aleister Crowley fan Jimmy Page ...

.. and primary school teacher and former Portishead frontwoman Gillian Gibbons ...

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Ah, now it becomes apparent what all the fuss is about...
Thanks for your comment Billy.

Well, this one has gone down like a *Led* balloon, hasn't it?
I always said that nice Mr Page would get himself in trouble one of these days.
Sadly - I think a recent pic of Jimmy would look a lot worse than Ms Gibbons.
St Anthony - I know, all those years of dabbling with the black arts, kidnapping 15 year old girls and the like. About time he got his comeuppance.

Kaz - well, I couldn't find any decent pictures of either of them. Jimmy is looking rough these days. Serves him right!
I hope Jimmy's finger's bearing up as well as Gillian.
Oh, Betty! That's going to have me chortling raucously all week.
It is possible to choke on Marmite toast, you know. Kindly post a Comedy Hazard Warning for the next in this series.
Geoff - wasn't Jimmy Finger him with the pyjamas from The Boomtown Rats?

Dive - is it possible to chortle raucously? Um, thanks anyway. Nobody else seems to like it!

Arabella - a Lack Of Comedy Hazard Warning may be more appropriate, considering recent posts and considering how I've been feeling of late!
That is uncanny!
Like Llewtrah, I'm just stunned how similar each person in the picture looks like the other.

Gillian Gibbons has said that her original 15 day prison sentence seemed harsh at the time, but to be released and deported to Liverpool was "totally fucking undeserved!".
Llewtrah - well, I think a picture of the young Gillian would've looked a lot more like the young Jimmy. The old Jimmy doesn't look anything like either!

Istvanski - too true, there are enough criminals in Liverpool anyway (not that I want to perpetuate a stereotype or anything, har har).
'Hey, hey, Mohammed, it's the way you move, gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove'.

String 'er up.
So Betty, what is the secret of a successful blog (if we define success as no. of comments).
I reckon the following helps...
a)not too long a post.
b)don't get serious about anything ever.
c)take a satirical stance (legs apart and one sligtly forward of the other).
d)always leave a hook in there for the girls who like to flirt and dream of romance (obviously, thats guys in your case).
e)regular posts about sex, the male organ and woman's breasts.

That should help the ratings soar.
Garfer - careful with your approximations of Led Zepp lyrics. A fatwah may be issued against you. Mind you - she's got a look of evil about her, so string her up.

Tom - ah, but a successful blog results in the blogger getting a publishing contract, guesting on Question Time or hanging out at exclusive drinking clubs with the likes of Martin Amis. Still, I'll take into account what you said about male organs. Expect a post shortly.

they both have exactly the same haircut as me.

that's not good, is it?

blimey, my word vref is cunutu!
It's quite good hair really - well, on the young Jimmy at any rate. I certainly would, with bells on, even though he was a bit of a sod and hasn't aged well.

Unfortunately, I can only relate to Gillian's three inches of grey roots.
uncanny - quite uncanny
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