Thursday, October 04, 2007


I appear to be back (... but for how long??).

I may not be cooking on gas yet, but I'm cooking on chickenshit.

I thought I'd be back on Blogger and there would be no problems, after the two and a half months of problems with being denied access to my blog, the problems with Orange, the problems with BT ...

It now seems that Blogger don't allow me to add hyperlinks, change text size, use different coloured text or view anything in HTML on the Mac.

So much for progress.

Oh, I can still use the Spellcheck facility, and add photos. The latter is so complicated that I can't be arsed to work it out.

I'm sorry for the long succession of whining posts, but honestly ...

I'm not sure if I can be bothered anymore.

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Don't you dare not be bothered any more, young lady.

If you stop blogging, I'll... I'll... um...

I'll delete you from my blogroll?

Quick, someone think up a heftier punishment...
Blogger has a spellcheck facility?

They didn't tell me and Val Doonican about that.
Or was it Des O'Connor?
I'm sure there are settings that can be changed so all those things eventually work.
Yes we'll all delete you from our blogrolls Betty! That'll show you!
hello, who are you? Do I know you??
Use Firefox instead of Safari, and your blogger editing should return to normal.

Or learn some HTML.
I was going to suggest Firefox. I use Safari most of the time because I like to feel that it annoys the Microsoft people, but I can see that the limitations they put on it are annoying.
Tim - hah! That's the sort of support you get from other bloggers in a time of crisis, tragedy and bewilderment!

Kaz - what, Des O'Connor has got a blog? Or Val Doonican? Every cloud has a silver lining (as David Essex once sang. Hah!)

Llewtrah - it seems to be something to do with using Safari. It isn't compatible with Blogger, so I'll have to start using HTML, which is a bit awkward for a simpleton like me.

Murph - it won't make any difference. Nobody reads this blog anymore anyway. Boo hoo.

Ziggi - I dunno who I am at the moment. Have a stinking cold and am a bit *confused*. How's yer roof now?

Max Bob - that seems to be it in a nutshell. I'll have to start using HTML. Still, it's all a learning curve, as very annoying people would say.

Z - I think I'll stick to learning the HTML. We tend to get awful problems if we try to download browsers.
I think you're a little tease. Couldn't you just migrate to Wordpress full time?
Annie - believe me, I find it deeply annoying as well.
Good to see you back, even if it is just to shake your fist at the blogger gremlins.
Stay with us or I'll be forced to take up a petition.
You can't go, I'ld have to delete TWO from my blogroll.

Honestly, no consideration.
Make that THREE from my blogroll.

There's "Search Me" as well.
Doris - yeah, I am a whingeing old bat, aren't I?

MJ - I doubt anyone would be interested in signing it.

Spinsterella - I'm surprised that anybody updates their blogroll. There are links on my sidebar that haven't posted since 1957.

MJ - Search Me was last updated in about 1957, actually.
But are you knitting with three-ply?
Knitting? Who knits anymore? Crochet is where it's at, man! This is the crazy-daisy 1960's and we have to move with the times!
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