Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Oh, woe was me the other day when I decided to do an update of the previous post, to include a couple of other candidates for Most Attractive Union Leader. Blogger wouldn't let me re-publish it!

Presumably, because of the summer holidays, a load of ten year olds are doing work experience at Blogger, hence everything is going wrong (text being thrown into triple spacing ... not being able to embed YouTube clips ... not being able to access blogs ... whole posts being lost ... comments not coming up ... etc., etc.).

In a fit of pique, I moved the text over to another post and, of course, it did publish, but I lost all of those comments. Worst of all, it was a great thread. The comments threads are usually better than my posts, but this one was a corker. Still, you can't undo spilt milk or words to that effect.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to what turned out to be a pansexual frenzy of voting. If you can't have a pansexual frenzy of voting every so often, life really isn't worth living, is it? Mind you, I don't remember that sort of thing happening when I was a member of the PCS ...

Anyway, as Derek Robinson would have said, "Way have cooom to a dishishun!"

After an early lead was established by the debonair Len Murray, there was a swing to the left. The outlaw won the day ...

Ladies and gentleman, I give you ...

Rodney Bickerstaffe!

Er, hold on ...

Rodney Bickerstaffe!

All who voted for Rodney will receive a hastily printed "Bickers For My Knickers" t-shirt (thanks to Boz for the slogan), a pair of Rodney Bickerstaffe spectacles from Dolland And Aitchison (worth £150.99) and an MP3 download of Rodney reading an M.R. James short story. Turn the lights down low and prepare to be frightened!

The rest of you will have to make do with watching this clip of the youthful Bickers in action. Beautiful and clean and so very very young.

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A well deserved win for the Brylcreem kid.

'It's so easy to fall in love...'

Yes, that was the Bickers catchphrase.

Isn't that a young Derek Robinson on drums?
Put Buddy & Bicks side by side, close one eye, and the Proclaimers appear as if by magic! 100 tons and Vic Feather in background.
Geoff will be getting Peter Kaye flashbacks.
I cant remember if I cried
When I read about the Thatcher tide,
But something touched me deep inside
The day the unions died.
Garfer - it's a good job he survived that plane crash when all the other people on board - The Big Bopper, Glen Miller, Otis Redding, Jim Denver - died. Derek Robinson started out drumming with ELO, but was kicked out by the flamboyant Bev Bevan.

Murph - I once fainted at a Proclaimers gig. Not a fact I'm proud of, but I always have to stress that I WASN'T GOING ALL GOOEY EYED OVER THEIR FRESH FACED GOOD LOOKS, I JUST WASN'T FEELING VERY WELL. Will people believe me? No.

Geoff -
I could have told you Geoffrey
This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.
A label tag thingy of my very own -wow, I'm all welling up.

Imagine if Buddy Holly had had elocution lessons? The course of popular music could have been very different.
On the drive, moving from San Francisco to Texas, we arrived in Amarillo for a pit stop but were too tired to visit the Buddy I mean Bickers monument.
And yes, we did know the way.
Billy - quifftastic! Having good elocution doesn't really cut it in rock 'n' roll. Following that logic, the only vocalist you'd be left with would be her out of The Flying Lizards (who you probably won't know because you weren't even born - she says patronisingly).

Arabella - I always seem to miss those famous people's monuments, although I accidentally saw a blue plaque for Wilkie Collins' house when I was on a coach!
Spooky that you never saw Rodney, Buddly Holly and Brains from Thunderbirds in the same room at the same time!
....You never saw Buddy Holly in the same room either. I have to admit I did once see Rodney with Buddly (sorry, I've not been well).
Reg - bloody helly. Perhaps you need some corrective spectacles as well. Time for an eye test.
Pardon? Speaky uppy!
Buddly Hell!
Reg - speakly upply very muchly. Roundly roundly raggedy rocks. http://www.stanleyunwin.com/

Murph - Buddly helly indeedy. Hey, Bo Diddley.
I didn't realise that Roy Orbison was a Union leader.
If you play one of those word game thingies, you can change Buddy Holly into Oye Billy I reckon. Anyone want to have a go?

Buddy Holly
Bully Holy
Bull Hole

C'mon, finish it off.
Molly - hello luv! Roy Orbison: the only Big O. you can trust ;) Buddy Holly/Billy Idol/Oye Billy. Will that do?

Just about managed to get into my comments by the skin of my teeth. Readers, please note: my IP address appears to have been blocked for producing spam (?) by Blogger. Unless I move to another house with a different computer, it looks as if my blogging career may be over. A pity: I love you all very much, and perhaps one day we will meet again in the not too dim and distant future. Look after yourselves.

*sails off into middle distances to the tune of a crappy folk singer leading the crowds in a rousing version of We Shall Overcome, like they did on the last night of Radio Caroline*

This is not right.
Do you share the same IP address as Geoff? If you do, and he's not experiencing any problems, then this is very weird indeed.
That's really crap. That can't be right as you will have the same IP address as Geoff and he's not having the same problem as Arabella says. I'd get in contact with them or we'll have to start a petition right here.
I am sorry to have to leap in at this late stage of things to inform you that your pictures of the winning tradeunionist as a young, fresh-faced Cricket is in fact TIM FOOTMAN.

as his representative in these matters I must ask you to either cease and desist or amend your post with a correction at once.

thank you.
Buddy Holly
Buddy Guy
Billy Holiday
Oye Billy.

Simple. I probably should say something witty about Arthur Scargill but I can't remember what I wrote or even thought now. Having another cup of tea and bracing myself for the day.
First Nations - has your warning to cease and desist resulted in my being blocked from Blogger? Feel the wrath of First Nations! Alright, I'll admit it's La De Da Gunner Footman! Will that win me a pardon?

Rockmother - that's exactly how I felt this morning. All that Bank Holiday drinking. Tea and protein were the only things that got me through the day.
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